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Strange things happen:


Canis lupus hominis

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Backyard Snapshots

We brought Lacey home yesterday after her operation on Monday.  We don’t really have much news yet.

Due to the location of the tumour, there was no way we could get clean margins (which is usually the goal of any tumour removal) without taking her entire leg.  We still might need to do that, but it will depend on the grade of the tumour.  Unfortunately you can’t determine the grade of the tumour without removing it, and there was no point in removing it without taking as much as we could. If it is a low grade, it will hopefully be “good enough”, at least for now.  But because of the location, it means they had to do a skin graft to seal up the area, which made things a little more complicated.  They took skin from her thigh and grafted it to her foot and leg.  She’s gonna have a pretty hairy section if all goes well!  :)

They also took the nearest lymph node to determine if it had spread.  The node was definitely bigger than usual but that could have just been because it was working overtime to combat the tumour OR it could mean it’s spread.

We should have results in a couple of days – hopefully by the end of the week.  The only decision we’ve actually made is that if it is a high grade, and hasn’t already spread, we’ll take her leg. I was really tempted to do it this time to save her a potential 2nd surgery but they really didn’t want to do that if it was a grade 1 tumour.  Apparently for dogs that get Mast Cell Tumours repeatedly, they are usually all the same grade. As her first one was a grade 1 tumour we have high hopes that this one will be the same.

We haven’t really figured out what we’ll do if it has spread and we don’t really know all our options yet either.  We are taking it one step at a time.

She’s already feeling quite a bit better.  Yesterday she wasn’t barking at anyone but today she not only barked at people in the park, but she picked up her favourite toy too.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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RayNewton-lgA blind kitten and his “seeing eye” cat companion will now spend their lives together, thanks to a dedicated humane society and a loving new owner.

According to the humane society’s Facebook page, Ray was just six weeks old when he was taken in by Kingston Humane Society (KHS) in Kingston, Ontario.

The shelter vets discovered right away that Ray had a congenital defect in his eyes, both of which were extremely underdeveloped, severely limiting his ability to see.

Although little Ray was terrified, the staff at KHS fell in love with the tiny tuxedo and vowed to do all they could to help him.

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Latest PetArmor News

PetArmor Introduces FastAct(TM) Products To Provide Immediate Relief For Pets
About PetArmor�FidoPharm� is a leading, science-based pet health company committed to improving the overall health of pets across the United States by creating vet-quality products that are affordable and accessible. The FidoPharm portfolio includes …
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PetArmor® and Operation Freedom Paws Video Shows How Shelter Dogs and
YARDLEY, Pa.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–PetArmor, a brand focused on protecting pets by making veterinarian-quality products more affordable, today announced a unique social media initiative to raise the visibility of Operation Freedom Paws. Operation …
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'Rikers Rovers' Lets Teen Inmates And Shelter Dogs Help Each Other Out
A new program at New York City's Rikers Island jail complex is bringing juvenile inmates and shelter dogs together in a plan to teach the teens responsibility and ready the canines for adoption. “This program teaches adolescents how to be responsible
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June is National Pet Preparedness Month

June marks the official start of summertime, and while it may be a season when “the livin’ is easy,” June has also been deemed the month for dog devotees to ready their four-legged…

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Finally! New PetArmor ™kills fleas/ticks but not the wallet!

Finally! New PetArmor ™kills fleas/ticks but not the wallet!
GOOD NEWS: PetArmor ™ has arrived! The active ingredient in PetArmor™is fipronil (the same as in Frontline®). PetArmor works the same way, providing full-body protection to help keep your pets flea and tick free. PetArmor is just as safe and
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PetArmor® Provides Ultimate Protection To Police Dogs Across The Nation With
PetArmor's® initial donation benefits dogs at police departments, which have requested assistance in vesting their police dogs. "As a leader in pet protection, PetArmor® is excited to partner with Vested Interest in K-9s and protect the dogs that put
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Perrigo Animal Health Encourages Americans to Honor K-9 Officers During
For the second year in a row, Perrigo Animal Health, the manufacturer of PetArmor® brand products, is encouraging Americans to show their appreciation for these K-9 heroes and has declared the week of April 20, 2015, as "National Thank a Police Dog …
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Himalayan Corporation Recalls Specific Ruff Roots Dog Chew Toys

The following recall information can also be found here.

Himalayan Corporation has issued a voluntary recall of specific Ruff Roots All-Natural Dog Chew Toys due to potential metal contamination. While this recall affects all lots of the Ruff Roots Dog Chew Toys sold by PetSmart, no other Himalayan Corporation products are impacted by this issue.





Himalayan Ruff Roots All Natural 4″ Sprout Dog Chew Toy



Himalayan Ruff Roots All Natural 5″ Stump Dog Chew Toy



Himalayan Ruff Roots All Natural 7″ Stalk Dog Chew Toy



If you are concerned about your pet’s health, please contact a veterinarian immediately.

Please stop using any affected product immediately and bring it to your closest PetSmart store for a full refund. If you have any questions about this voluntary recall, please call the Himalayan Corporation at 425-322-4295 or email info@himalayandogchew.com.

PetsitUSA Blog

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We got the results last week – it was a grade 1 tumour that hadn’t spread to her lymph node.  So it was the best we could have hoped for. We did not get clean margins (as expected) and it has a 12% chance of returning.  If that happens, we’ll have to decide what to do then.  Our options would be to do radiation, remove the tumour again or take the whole leg.  We aren’t going to worry about it unless it happens.

We went back this week for a bandage change and a recheck on the skin graft.  It’s looking good.  She thinks it is still all alive.  :)

For the most part Lacey is doing well.  She isn’t going too stir crazy, she doesn’t pout in the cone and when I take it off, she doesn’t lick at her bandages much. The stitches on her flank look fantastic and the ones from her lymph node are also doing OK.  She’ll be in a cone for about another 1.5 weeks and then we’ll get the stitches removed and she’ll be able to go back to life as usual.

That’s pretty much it. Life is feeling rather dull at the moment!
Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Check Out Puppyhood – And Enter #Giveaway!

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Latest Fipronil News

FidoPharm launches fipronil-permethrin combination product
FidoPharm, a subsidiary of Velcera, has released PetArmorPro Advanced, a topical parasite control product for dogs containing fipronil and permethrin. The parasiticide, designed to kill adult fleas and ticks and to repel fleas, ticks and mosquitoes
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France to propose CLH for fipronil
France was expected to submit a harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) proposal for the biocidal active substance, fipronil, last week, according to ECHA's registry of intentions. It wants an aquatic acute M-factor of 1,000 and an aquatic
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