Can Hip Dysplasia be Prevented?

Hip dysplasia is a condition that affects mainly large breeds of dogs like Golden Retrievers, Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes, and German Shepherds. There is a strong genetic link for dogs with hip dysplasia and their offspring.

When it comes to preventing hip dysplasia, researchers agree that only the careful breeding of a dog can help prevent this debilitating disease. Selective breeding of dogs with no known hip problems in their lineage can significantly reduce the chances of their offspring developing hip dysplasia. Breeding two dogs with no hip joint problems doesn’t always guarantee that the offspring will be free of hip dysplasia, but it usually results in a much lower rate of occurrence than if two dogs with poor hip joints were bred together.

If all dog breeders were responsible and only bred dogs with excellent hip joints, hip dysplasia would be much less likely to occur. And if people purchased only dogs and puppies whose parents and grandparents had no hip joint problems, then the majority of the troubles caused by hip dysplasia would be eliminated. If you’re contemplating buying a pet dog from a breeder, the best way to lower the possibility of choosing a dog that will develop hip dysplasia as it gets older is to examine the prevalence of hip dysplasia in the dog’s lineage. Also try to obtain information on the parents and grandparents going back as many generations as possible.

If the breed of dog you want is predisposed to the development of hip dysplasia, you need to be aware that inadequate nutrition, incorrect exercising, and increased body weight all contribute to the earlier onset and severity of hip dysplasia.

Before choosing a particular dog as a pet and loving companion, investigate its lineage for any diseases that the dog may be pre-disposed to. As the years progress and you and your dog have become close companions, the last thing you’ll want is the heartbreak of having to euthanize your pet because it’s suffering terribly from the debilitating pain of hip dysplasia.

When choosing your new pet check its lineage and be sure you’re not setting yourself up for disappointment and remorse in the future.

Find Out How To Help Your Dog If They Suffer From Hip Dysplasia

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Bulldog Gives Baby Kisses

In this adorable video, Teddy the English Bulldog gives his baby sister loving kisses ♥♥♥

The post Bulldog Gives Baby Kisses appeared first on A Place to Love Dogs.

A Place to Love Dogs

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This beautiful black German Shepherd dog is called Spade. He’s 8 years old. I met Spade by the English bookstall at the Kermesse in Monaco in November.

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my dog has fleas !!??

Question by Jessica W: my dog has fleas !!??
my dog has a lot of fleas i think ? i know she has fleas !

Best answer:

Answer by ratan

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Aren’t Beagle puppies just too adorable!  This is i’lemon -  he’s 4 months old and lives in Monaco. I met him walking around Port Hercule.


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Puppy Bowl IX Starting Lineup

Such excitement! Animal Planet has announced the starting line-up for tomorrow’s Puppy Bowl X. The little girl featured in this video, August, is a 12-week old Boxer mix from Northwest Boxer Rescue in Ellensburg, Washington. Check out the whole line-up! If you’ve not watched this show before, it is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. […] Dog Blog

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Nice Pet Itch photos

Some cool Pet Itch images:

365.13 – scratching an itch
Pet Itch

Image by nettsu
when stuck for inspiration… seek out your nearest rainbow lorikeet ;)

If it itches, Herbie, 14 Jan 12
Pet Itch

Image by Castaway in Scotland

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photoDaniel of iRatherBeInFlorida posted a video review of Halo Spot’s Stew cat food on YouTube:

Daniel’s cat “Alana” loved it so much that she helped herself to the bag that was left on the dining room table. Daniel likes the fact that it’s all nature and healthy for your pets. Her cat Alana is very picky and she opened the bad herself and loved it!

Daniel states “I also like too that it’s backed by Ellen DeGeneres…she’s quite the healthy eater herself”. Therefore Daniel highly recommends this product and so does Alana!

Check out her video review:


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A Judge Says It’s Okay for a Dog-Torturer to Own Animals

Russell Seese of Greentown, Pennsylvania, tortured his dog Lexi, a Labrador/Pit Bull mix last year.

That’s not an allegation; in the legal sense, it’s a fact that Seese duct-taped Lexi’s paws together, did the same with her mouth, then tossed her into a chicken coop without food or water.

On these grounds, Seese was convicted of animal cruelty in December 2013, although his sentence was light: A $ 500 fine (although the minimum is $ 1,000) and 48 hours to 12 months in jail. Less than a month later, he has completed his jail time. Although there has been outrage over the leniency of the sentence, the point that’s been attracting the most attention is that last week, Pike County Judge Joseph Kameen refused to prohibit Seese from owning animals.

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Lexi, bound with duct tape, as she was found in the chicken coop.

The Pike County District Attorney's Office petitioned Kameen to correct the fine to the mandatory minimum required by law, and on Thursday, the judge acknowledged that he had made a mistake and increased Seese's fine to $ 1,000. But at the same time, the D.A. also asked that Seese be prohibited from owning or having custody of any animal, either in a personal or professional capacity, for two years. Judge Kameen denied the request and let the original sentence stand with the extra $ 500 added on to make it conform to the law.

Lexi is safe from Seese now; she was taken in by a rescue group, renamed Jaynah, and is about to be adopted into a permanent home. But on Thursday, the judge formally acknowledged that Seese has the right to go out and get another dog, or to be employed taking care of animals. We can hope that he won't, but that's all we can do.

So far, the harshest consequence of Seese's assault on his dog has been outside the courtroom. Because of the controversy over his arrest, protesters flooded the Pike County Conservation District, where he worked as a resource conservationist. Eventually, the county commissioners fired him, and he's currently unemployed. Seese's attorney Wieslaw Niemozynski says that he's amazed at how many outraged calls have come to his office because of his client.

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Judge's Gavel by Shutterstock.

I don't like either of those things. The whole point of our legal system is that justice shouldn't be administered by maddened crowds. I've had too many friends whose lifestyles or beliefs were unpopular or "strange" to be able to cheer when public condemnation makes it impossible for someone to get a job or legal representation. That even includes dog torturers.

But part of rising above mob rule is that we should be able to expect reasonable punishments for cruelty and violence. It's certainly reasonable to ask that Seese not be allowed to just go out and get another dog to beat up. I hope he doesn't. But unfortunately, under the judge's decision, all I or anyone can do is hope.

Via Pocono Record

The Scoop | The Scoop

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ill my snake get mites?

Question by mariapaula_5: ill my snake get mites?
I was handling my school snake and she has mites ….. Will I pass this on to my snake at home

Best answer:

Answer by Lee S
Yes. Take care to clean both cages thoroughly everyday. If you are not already using newspaper as a substrate do so, there is nothing better. Do take objects from outdoors and put it into snake enclosures, this is a sure fire way to bring in the mites. You can soak the snakes and even cover them lightly with mineral oil to help get rid of the mites. Be careful not to get the mineral oil into nasal passages. Mites are a pain, but can be gotten rid of and avoided in the future. Take care and good luck!

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