Flea demonstrates how to “Slap” on a Fleabass!

Flea demonstrates his slapping technique on his new custom bass, Fleabass! Head to www.Fleabass.com for more info!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Chilly Dog Wool Cable Sweaters 100% Wool Xlarge Red

Chilly Dog Wool Cable Sweaters 100% wool XLarge Red

Our sweaters are hand-knit and 100% wool. The dyes we use for our wool come from plants and are natural. The sheep who provide the wool live great lives and are mostly free range. Because our natural wool is not treated with chemicals they are both warm and dogs love them on their bodies.

* No wasteful, useless plastic packaging, ever.
* No electricity is used to knit our sweaters.

Small things do make a difference.

Chilly Dog Sweaters is the original Eco -friendy hand-knit dog sweaters.
Don’t let your dog be left out in the cold! Chilly Dog HANDMADE WOOL Dog Swe

Size Back Lenght Inch Weight Back Lenght in Cm
XXSmall 8-9 2-6lb 20-22.5
XSmall 12-13 5-10Lb 30.5-33
Small 15-17 9-18Lb 38-43
Medium 19-21 17-29Lb 48-53
Large 23-25 28-40lb 58-63.5
XLarge 27-29 40-60Lb 68.5-73.5
XXLarge 30-33 60-80Lb 76-83.5

For the customer’s safety This item can not be returned or Exchanged Please make sure to measure yor dog

Source: Chilly Dog Wool Cable Sweaters 100% Wool Xlarge Red


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Grown Pup Loses Sense of Shelf

Grown Pup Loses Sense of Shelf

The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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For the last nine years, Japanese photographer, Miyoko Ihara, has been taking photos of her grandmother, Misao Ihara, and her white, odd-eyed cat, Fukumaru.

Misao and Fukumaru share a special bond and go everywhere together. Although Misao is 88 years old, she still works in the fields, planting and weeding under the sun, with Fukumaru always at her side.

“When I see the way my grandmother is living her life, I really feel that she has a kind of strength that my generation simply can’t match,” Miyoko tells Nippon.com. “She gets up with the sun, and goes to bed when it sets. She loves her cat and the vegetables in her field like her own children.”

Click here to read the complete story.


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Pet of the Week: Clarke, 10021899

Some cool Pet Scratch images:

Pet of the Week: Clarke, 10021899
Pet Scratch

Image by LollypopFarm
Clarke is a 1.5-year-old male cat, who is all black with a touch of white under his chin and on his belly. He’s a very playful cat, which has earned him the nickname Sparky!

This sweet boy loves to be scratched is under his chin and neck, as well as on his head. He can be very talkative, especially when it’s time to eat. He loves food! Clarke is extremely affectionate with people and other cats. He will give you lots of kisses and hang out with you, wherever you are, just to have your company.

Clarke would prefer a dog-free home; it takes him a long time to warm up to them. He would also do best in a home with older children, or children with great kitty experience. Clarke can’t wait to meet you!

Pet Scratch

Image by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR

Mewchaz gracias, senor helicopter scientist!

showcases a gift from one of "the guys."
Instead of fLowers for me, he gave my babies this.
Purrty sweet =]

Pet of the Week: Jake, 7409839
Pet Scratch

Image by LollypopFarm
Jake is a 10-year-old male longhaired cat who was brought to Lollypop Farm after being abandoned.

We don’t know much about Jake’s history, but here at the shelter he has become a staff favorite!

Jake is one fluffy and friendly cat. This regal looking guy really likes getting attention from people. He enjoys being petted and getting head scratches. When you pet him, you’ll notice that Jake has a beautiful, soft coat.

Jake is eligible for our Seniors-for-Seniors program, so approved adopters age 60 and over can bring him home free of charge!

Jake can’t wait to meet you.

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Someone alerted us on the forum to a pet-people social network, so I went and looked at it.

This lady had no idea what kind of tool she had stumbled upon, but I did, and I knew right how to use it. It’s like Facebook, of which I am a huge fan.

They allow free classified ads so I posted a nice one about the pet food. You can do product reviews so I reviewed Life’s Abundance and Instinctive Choice and the supplements. You can write little journal stories so I wrote a story about Mr. Tree Kitty. People request friendships with you so I accepted. There was SO MUCH I could do in this forum, legitimately, just to network and connect with other pet people without really saying anything about pet food!

This business is all about just connecting with people. So this was a great little tool. Makes me want to go out and find other forums like this one and join them.


A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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Sep 12, My doggie doesn’t take dry dog foods

My puppy doesn’t take dry dog food and I’m very upset for cuty health. Suggest me. Answer by Barbara: My dog was the same way. He didn’t eat dry dog
Dog Food Blog | Best Dog Food Guide

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ABC News with Dr. Day – Skin Allergies

Dr. Doris Day talks with ABC about skin allergies.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Winners: “Santa Paws 2″ DVDs

It’s always fun to start Monday off with winners! Today we have two winners to announce for the Disney’s Santa Paws 2 DVD giveaway. Out of 5274 entries, our winners are Adam H. and…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]

DogTipper: Saving $ and Saving Dogs with America’s Pet Economist

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$100 Amazon Gift Card #Giveaway Ends Dec. 15th

Happy Home and Family has teamed up with a group of the most amazing bloggers around to bring you this great giveaway to help you out with your holiday expenses!!
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Just enter the rafflecopter below. Good luck everyone!!

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