Quickly Pickled Onions

By Food + Drink Contributor Sara Little

I love onions and I love pickles, so I thought it would make perfect sense to prepare pickled onions to keep as a permanent pantry item at home. I have had them many times at Puerto Rican restaurants and in simple balanced Asian dishes, so why not just at home? For me, they always just seemed like too much work, but amazingly enough, they are the easiest accompaniment ever to make for any occasion.

1 Red Onion
1 c Apple Cider Vinegar
1 c Water
2 T Sugar
1 T Kosher Salt
10-12 Peppercorns

Slice onion and throw them in a large mason jar. You can boil the other ingredients before you add them to the jar, but I simply add the apple cider vinegar, water, sugar, salt, and peppercorns to the jar and shake after putting the lid on to help dissolve the solids in the liquid. Within 1-2 hours, you have perfectly pickled onions.

You can add these to black bean tacos, grilled pork chops, or scrambled eggs in the morning. The possibilities are almost endless. It adds the perfect amount of acid to really any dish! Enjoy! – Sara

I’m actually not a big onion fan – unless they’re pickled. So I’m stoked to try this recipe. Sara is an event planner and “expert in indulgence” who has lived in the heart of Sonoma County California’s wine country for 12 years.  In addition to sharing her favorite foods and wines, recipes and more as our Food and Drink Contributor, she plans unique, personalized getaways to and events in wine country for her hospitality business, Wine Country Goodness, and travels the country in search of the best places to stay, explore, eat, and drink. You can also find Sara on her blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.


Bubby and Bean ::: Living Creatively

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Lil Bub comes to Portland: An interview with the Internet's favorite cat

Lil Bub comes to Portland: An interview with the Internet's favorite cat
"I can tell right now that she's pretty tired, her ears itch." He scratched the inside of her left ear with his finger. Bub's eyes went wild as she tilted her head toward the scratch. Bridavsky grabbed a couple cotton swabs from his suitcase and
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An old dog learns new perspectives
While he was away from Three Dog Bakery, Scott Ragan got a taste of how other pet food… more. Scott Ragan led Three Dog Bakery for a number years and then left in 2012. He's returned to the top job, and the break provided him with some fresh insights.
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mrfancy-lgThey say adopted cats choose their humans and that’s certainly what happened with Ann Bosche and her adopted cat, Mr. Fancy.

According to Care2.com, it all began when Bosche was in her backyard with her dog, Gracie. The pup noticed something in the bushes, watching them. “What came out from under that bush was a large beautiful cat with a white tip on his tail. I said, ‘Aren’t you a fancy thing?’”

The cat looked thin and dirty so Ann fed him. Although skittish at first, the cat eventually ate. And, he came back the next night and every night after that. Eventually he would wait on the porch in the morning and again in the evening.

After a month, Bosche’s husband gently reminded her that they already had a houseful of pets and it would be best to find the cat another permanent home.

Click here to read the complete story.


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Tuesday Top Ten: Things Only an Aussie Family Will Understand

Woofipedia recently published this list of “10 things only an Austrailian Shepherd Owner Would Understand. I would argue that most of us who love dogs get it, but the list was pretty good so I wanted to share it with you. If you follow the link, you will see all the great pictures they added […]

Doggies.com Dog Blog

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Shelter Sunday: Kitty & K-9 Connection / Anchorage, AK

Meet Sammy! This handsome fella is living in Anchorage, Alaska, compliments of Kitty & K-9 Connection. Here’s what they have to say about him: This handsome but somewhat chunky, nine year old, red heeler mix is Sammy. He is a happy and very social guy who loves to be with his people. Sammy would enjoy […]

Doggies.com Dog Blog

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A beeing


Canis lupus hominis

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Is your cat allergic to fleas?

Is your cat allergic to fleas?
It doesn't take a lot of fleas to cause an issue. Your cat can become uncomfortable with getting bitten just a couple of times every few weeks. If your cat is allergic to fleas it will be itching like crazy all the time. Some cats are more susceptible
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City Flea celebrates 5 years of building Cincy business
The City Flea is more than a market. After five years, it's an economy. "It's been cool to watch these businesses grow," said Lindsay Dewald, who founded the flea with her husband, Nick. "We have been trying to be more than this one-time event," she said.
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Halo Pets’ in-house vet, Dr. Donna Spector, recommends that once your pet is eating all Halo you do not need to transition your pet to different diets of Halo recipes.

Watch this video where she explains rotating Halo diets.

For more information:


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Another Lump

A few months ago we discovered a hard lump on Lacey’s back right foot. It looked nothing like the cancerous lump we’d found a few years ago between her toes but it freaked me out regardless. It was small, and hard and deep under the skin layer. The vet wasn’t able to get a sample and she suggested we X-ray it to make sure it wasn’t a bone spur or anything like that. Her X-rays were clear and we decided they’d try and get another sample the following week (Her anal glands were badly infected so she had to get sedated for a flush and they’d have an easier time getting a sample). They got three samples, sent them off and they all came back as negative. No signs of anything. Yay.

Fast forward to earlier this week when we noticed her lump had ballooned out suddenly. It looked almost like a swollen ankle would, but it was quite firm and she wasn’t showing any signs of lameness. So back to the vet for more samples. This time the results weren’t as good – there were mast cells in the sample.

Just a few days later and the “swelling” seems to have gone down again and we are back to just the hard lump. We see the oncologist on the 2nd and we are hoping that it will be able to be fixed with a simple removal again. I’m a little worried by how deep it is (Dr. Google isn’t helping) but there is nothing we can do in the meantime, so worrying is pointless and I’m vowing to stay off google as much as possible.

Marlin and I both cleared our schedules yesterday afternoon and took the girls to the beach for some happy time. It was good for all of us.  We definitely feel more prepared this time.

Crazy Coulee and Little Lacey

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Killed By Cancer

Today is Murphy’s birthday.  
This photo was taken on our walk from Austin to Boston in McEwen  TN.  We pitched a tent the night before on the grounds of a local church and upon remarking to the pastor about the Bradford pear trees full in fall colors, he recommended stopping at a local farm completely encircled by them just east on Hwy 70.  
It was a magical moment that day perfectly captured in time.  
For whatever cruel twist of fate the Gods graced us with we made it the 2,300 miles to Boston but within only a few weeks of walking the final mile from the Rose Garden at Back Bay Fens to Boston Common, Murphy was diagnosed with nasal adenocarcinoma.
The tumor inside his head must have been growing for many months as evidenced by the CT scan nearby.  
Murphy went down hard and what he did for this cause will never be forgotten. #RememberMurphy #MurphySmiles


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