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Back Scratching
Pet Scratch

Image by rossjl
Cassie going for the big ol’ back rub

Pet of the Week: Astro, 12720792
Pet Scratch

Image by LollypopFarm
Astro is a 2-year-old Husky/Shepherd mix, who weighs 70 pounds. He came to Lollypop Farm because his previous owner could no longer afford to keep him.

Astro’s a handsome boy with a beautiful black and white long haired coat, one chocolate brown and one very blue eye. Grooming will be necessary to keep him looking his best. He enjoys being pet and back scratches just might earn you a sloppy kiss or two!

Astro and his adopter will need to enroll in a training class, and you will receive a discount on your first six-week class at Lollypop Farm. Children over the age of 12 are recommended, and he would do best in a cat-free household. Bring the whole family, dogs included, out to Lollypop Farm if you are interested in meeting.

This special boy has been waiting too long to find his forever home, and can become a part of your family for a special adoption fee of .

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Stop Excessive Dog Chewing in 5 Easy Steps

Chewing is a very natural physical activity for dogs, however you would not want to tolerate this kind of activity with them as this is quite unhealthy. Finding different solutions to stop dog chewing can be quite a challenge, but is not totally impossible.
Dog Food Blog

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A Community Comes Together to Reunite a Little Girl with Her Stolen Dog

When 10-year-old San Jose, Calif., resident Marissa Mabanag asked her mom for a puppy, her mother, Marie, told Marissa and her sister that she could get a dog only if she earned it by placing on the honor roll that year. Marissa worked hard throughout the school year, diligently completing homework assignments, studying thoroughly for tests, and making the honor roll.

In June, Marissa’s mom rewarded the girl’s efforts with a Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix puppy. Ecstatic, Marissa named the dog Meeko after the comical raccoon character in Disney’s Pocahontas.

Enamored of her new friend, Marissa taught the puppy how to sit and roll over.

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What kind of person steals a little girl’s puppy? Photo: KGO-TV/ABC7

On Monday, however, the Mabanag house was burglarized for the second time in a year, despite recent home security improvements. The burglars entered through a shattered sliding glass door, and in addition to taking thousands of dollars in electronics, swiped Marissa's beloved Meeko.

Heartbroken, the little girl offered up her piggy bank in exchange for the dog's return. When City Council members heard of the dog's disappearance in a second home invasion, they added $ 1,000 to the reward, and police and fire unions chipped in another $ 5,000. 

The heightened stakes worked -- the dog was discovered by an unnamed individual this Thursday in a shopping center in Los Banos, almost 80 miles from home. 

Marissa's mom described the ordeal as a "roller coaster" for her daughter, saying that Marissa will "try to be really brave about it, but if you sit down and talk to her about it, she breaks down." We're breaking down just writing this!

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Marissa was heartbroken, bet her heart is about to be mended, thanks to the effort of a community. Photo: KGO-TV/ABC7

The burglary is just one of a rash of break-ins recently plaguing the family's neighborhood, the result of a budget-crunched police force that simply does not have the manpower to patrol the streets. When the Mabanags discovered their home had been violated again, that was one thing -- but when they realized Meeko was gone, it was simply devastating.

Material things can always be replaced, but the traumatic disappearance of a beloved companion animal leaves an aching hole in your heart. Fortunately for Marissa, she will be reunited with Meeko this week, all thanks to a community effort. It's a lesson in optimism even in the face of devastating adversity. Marissa's mom said, "As much as there are bad people out there, there are also so many good people and this is a perfect example of it. I always tell her that good things happen to good people."

Via NY Daily News

The Scoop | The Scoop

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Is scabies contagious from a dog to a human?

Question by Mitch: Is scabies contagious from a dog to a human?
I just got a puppy, she is about 8 weeks old. I think she has scabies, one of the dogs in the liter had it. She has an appointment tomorrow at the animal clinic, and I was just wondering if I can get scabies from her.

Best answer:

Answer by Rebecca G
VERY CONTAGIOUS!!! If you start getting red whelts on you, go see your doc! It is not really dangerous, just itchy! Wash you hands well after messing with her and don’t let her around other dogs for now.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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how lucky for olive and sad for all the other dogs…

how lucky for olive and sad for all the other dogs. you would think the shelter learned something from olive. it has always bothered me how they get labeled aggressive when they are in a high-stress situation and no telling what they came from. i am not a behaviorist but i have common sense and a great love for dogs especially pits because they are so misunderstood, like me. :) can you tell me the name of the
shelter, i live in so cal.

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Dog Rules: They Fade Over Time

Is this how it works at your house? Until next time, Good day, and good dog! Dog Blog

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Dog Treats: The Purpose And The Rationale

Many dog owners love to spoil their dogs once in a while with a special treat. However, with all the different treats to choose from, how do you choose the best treat for your dog? How do you know what is safe and what isn’t? If you decide to make your own dog treats, how do you know what ingredients won’t be harmful to your dog?
Dog Food Blog

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Scabies outbreak at Nellis AFB school affects 150 schoolchildren

Creative Wombat – Common Wombat (Vombatus Ursinus)
sarcoptic mange

Image by Pandora’s Perspective
For February Scavenge Challenge # 2 Easy one – just find something starting with "Cr…" (yeah, like "Crow!")


Wombats are Australian marsupials (pouched mammals) native to mainland Australia and Tasmania and have very short muscular legs and are the closest relative to the Koala. They have a backwards facing pouch so that when they are nursing young in their pouch they can still dig burrows and not fill their pouch with soil. The wombat establishes a range for itself of up to 23 hectares and digs a tunnel system consisting of a main tunnel of 2 to 20 metres long with many side tunnels.

A unique defence of the wombat is the toughened, very thick hide over its rear. This cartilaginous plate over the rump and the lack of a decent tail, makes it very difficult for a predator to extricate a wombat from its burrow if it goes in headfirst then blocks the entrance with its rump

Wombats are herbivores, feeding on grasses and roots and they dig long extensive burrow systems with their powerful claws. Although the wombats at Zoos or WIldlife parks are diurnal, in the wild, wombats are nocturnal and will rarely venture out during the day.

Habitat destruction has had a major impact on the wombat. Although they are mostly protected, they still fall prey to dingoes, foxes. Tasmanian devils (in Tasmania), dog attacks and many become road kill. Young wombats may be taken by eagles, owls and eastern quolls. Many wombats fall prey to sarcoptic mange which has been introduced by human activity.

Photographed at Shoalhaven Zoo, Nowra which is more like an animal resort.


Scabies outbreak at Nellis AFB school affects 150 schoolchildren
Scabies is caused by an infestation by the eight-legged “itch mite”, Sarcoptes scabiei. Transfer of this mite from person to person Human scabies is caused by a different parasite than that that causes mange in animals. When canine or feline mites

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Wee Hamster Leads Cats in Decision 2012 Cuteness Poll


Decision 2012

Snuggles the Service Hamster is Cleaning Up in the Cuteness Polls

Could independent candidate Snuggles the service hamster ( exactly does a service hamster work?) be cuter than Louie Dewey Mocha Latte the fluffy kitty? Recent results from Animal Planet's Decision 2012 say yes – with Snuggles leading in cuteness polls by more than 2000 votes! 


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Do you agree? Does Snuggles the service hamster deserve the win or should it go to the felines? Cast your vote today at Decision 2012

About Decision 2012

Animal Planet's Decision 2012 is open to all breeds and creeds and our most recent check of the leaderboard did not disappoint in the candidate diversity department! 

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The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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A Dog’s Life? We’ll Take It! We Get Cookies in the Mail

We here at Dogster and Catster are continually impressed with the level of skill, talent, and kindness among our community members. It must be something about loving animals that makes us so darn pawsomely creative and nice. When we came across public artist Sue Betanzos’ textured and colorful dog art, we were awww struck. When we learned that she also bakes and decorates by hand adorable cat-shaped cookies, we knew we weren’t worthy!

Despite our lack of worthiness, Sue sent us a little package of “gratitude cookies” in the shape of a spotted dog, rainbow-colored dog bones, and little hearts to thank us for featuring her amazing creations on our sites.

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So cute! You can see Vicky in the background daydreaming about how awesome our Dogster readers are.

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No, Sue, thank YOU for being awesome!

We wish we could have recorded the chorus of approval that swept our headquarters as we unwrapped the magically packaged goods. Nestled between the sheets of glitter tissue paper was an assortment of cookies almost too cute to eat (spoiler: we eventually did eat them, and they are as delicious as they are cute).

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How can we eat these? They are so cute!

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A work of art -- signed and everything. Thank you so much!

So thank you, Sue, and all of our wonderful Dogsters -- you make waking up and coming to the office every day totally worth it. We work hard to bring you the best in dog news, advice, and cuteness, and we're glad to know that you like us, you really really like us! 

The Scoop | The Scoop

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