The Eleven Cutest Things That Happened in 2012

We Own Cuteness Curation!

Some of the cutest, most heart-warming things happened in 2012 and now is a time for quiet reflection on the mind-numbing cuteness that separated this year from all other years. Check out our favorites and be sure to let us know if we forgot anything?

 Herewith are the Daily Treat's favorite finds of 2012!

1) Lil Bub the Perma Kitten [read more...]

Lil Bub


2) Discerning Deer Prefers Dog Bed [read more here...]



3) Carli Davidson's Differently Abled Pets <3 [read more...]

Carli Davidson Differently Abled Pets


4) Orphaned Baby Owls Have a Hoot, Mug for Camera [read more...]



5) Swaddled baby sloth snoozes with teddy bear [read more...]



6) This Dog's Run In With A Butterfly [read more...]


7) Surprised Baby Red Panda [read more...]



8) Shelter Dogs Actually Drive A Mini Cooper [story here...]



9) The Lovey Comfort Dogs That Comforted Newtown Residents [story here...]




10) Happy Lab Herds Playful Pod of Dolphins [ story here...]



11) This Classy Crab Who Stepped Out 


The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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Infected Industrial Piercing

Want more KinkiNikki? (facebook fan page) (vlog channel) @KinkiNikki4 (twitter) ————–~~ I FOLLOW BACK! @NikkiMinaj88 (instagram) *****IMPORTANT****** Song: “&Down” by Boys Noize -As of September 1st, 2011, i have disabled comments due to the horrific nature of some of them. I do not deserve to be left a comment saying you wish I would have died, or how ugly i am… when all i am trying to do is give advice and help people. If you have a legitimate question or concern, please private message me and I will be glad to help anyone in need……….. the notes at the end of the video explain a lot of things, take a look! (3:20 mark) *most importantly* The doctors clearly stated that the PIERCER injected the bacteria. There was nothing I could have done to prevent it or clean it. It would have spread to my brain and killed me (a very potent strand of bacteria) whether I had left the bar in or taken it out. LUCKILY i took the bar out (thus the huge bubble formed), otherwise I wouldn’t have even gone to the hospital, thinking it was just “normal piercing swelling and pain”… then it would have spread to my brain “silently” and killed me with NO warning sign. you shouldnt ever take jewelry out of a healing piercing, but in my case, I was very lucky i did, otherwise i would be dead right now. -yes, i cleaned it, twice a day with hot water sea salt soaks (about 10 minutes each) and once in the shower with
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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Top 25 New Years Resolutions For Dogs


If your pet could make a list of New Years Resolutions for 2013, what would be on their list? We humans create lengthy lists of self-improvements and grandiose goals we hope to accomplish in the new year….but what about our pets?  What goals might they have?

Based on feedback from my Daily Treat lab assistants Lulu Schmoo, Kiki and Zazou, here are the resolutions they’ve got on tap for 2013…some of which I just might have to add to my list! For even more fun New Years Resolutions for Pets, check out Animal Planet's 'official' pet resolutions!

[Related: The Year In Pup Culture - check out highlights here  [VIDEO]

The Daily Treat's Top 25 New Years Resolutions

  1. Don't discriminate. Be more accepting of others -regardless of differences (See Exhibit A, above)
  2. Live in the moment.
  3. Do something nice for someone you barely know
  4. Eat more good food.
  5. Whine less, bark more.
  6. Take up Doga.
  7. Reduce ingestion of cat poop to once monthly.
  8. Devote more time to quality napping.
  9. Avoid extracting dog toy-squeakers so quickly – relish the squeaker a bit longer before excising it from toy
  10. Find a soulmate on Petfinder.
  11. Schedule more “me” time.
  12. Contact my birthparents.
  13. Learn new tricks.
  14. Achieve advanced degree in counter surfing.
  15. Stop wearing emotions on tail.
  16. Be more selective in crotch sniffing endeavors.
  17. Remodel the doghouse.
  18. Have friends over more often.
  19. Find out where trash man is taking (stealing) all our trash.
  20. Even the score with neighborhood skunks.
  21. Log more couch-time vs. floor-time.
  22. Run after the ball only after it’s actually been thrown.
  23. Re-organize the toy bin.
  24. Send more happy vibes into the universe. 
  25. Eat more good books.

Did we forget anything? Share your pet's resolutions in the comments below and here's wishing you and your animals a very happy and healthy 2013! 

 - Janet, Lulu, Kiki, Zazou

The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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Tim Racer, an Oakland, area artist, is known for his unusual work – carving beautiful, lifelike, custom carousel “dogs.”

Racer’s passion began while helping to restore old carousel horses. He enjoyed the work so much that he decided to try his hand at carving his own. “My pit bull Sally was a natural subject so I thought I’d give her likeness a try,” Racer says. “People really responded to that carving, so I’ve been busy carving carousel dogs ever since.”

These works of art are labor intensive. Each carousel dog requires up to 700 hours to create. Racer’s dogs are commissioned by enthusiastic dog owners looking for an unique way to celebrate their dogs. “It’s the best part of what I do,” Racer says. “Meeting like-minded people who have passions for their dog…and my art.”

Click here to read the complete story.


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Gaming To Music (Black Ops 2 Topical Commentary)

Everybody loves a good tune. Music & gaming go together great. ● Subscribe: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ● Livestream: ● Toolbar: ● Modz Armory Controllers: ● KontrolFreeks: ● Netflix: ● Onnit: ● (Use coupon code Muzzafuzza for 10% off all supplements.) ● Gamma Labs: ● (Use coupon code Muzza5 for off all Gamma products.) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Likes, Favorites, and Comments are always appreciated, thanks boys & girls! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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365: Say Cheese!

Today has been family portrait day. We shot some photos on our Enchanted Rock trip last Friday but decided that we needed some additional shots for our new press kit…so out came the tripod and…

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ABCs Part 3: What Do You Want?

Question_markIn part one of this series I explained a formula for solving behavior problems.

Antecedent -> Behavior -> Consequence

In part two I demonstrated how being aware of what immediately precedes a behavior can give you a way to control when it occurs and can define a path to solving the problem.

Now it is time to look at the B in ABC. The behavior. The behavior is what the dog does. Pretty simple in terms of definition.

In most cases identifying the behavior isn’t complicated. The hard part is stopping it. If you let it.

Once you identify the behavior ask yourself one simple question.

What do you want?

This is not, as it may look at first blush, a twist on Norman Vincent Peale. Or even a sly reference to Babylon 5. (See below.) It’s actually the first step in trying to use a very common idiom in Applied Behavior Analysis called Differential Reinforcement.

Unlike a lot of behavioral science jargon, what differential reinforcement means is embedded in the jargon itself: reinforcing a different behavior.

So what we’re going to do is change the formula:

Antecedent -> Behavior -> Consequence


Antecedent -> Desired Behavior -> Consequence

On the surface this looks like a pretty simple question. Figuring out what you want instead should be pretty easy, right? But this question gets its own blog post for reason. Figuring out an alternative behavior requires a completely different mindset. Instead of focusing on what you don’t want you must now focus on what you want instead.

So let’s take a look at the example I have been using in most of these blog posts

Antecedent: Someone enters home through front door.
Behavior: Dogs jumps up on person.
Consequence: Dog receives attention.

What do you want instead? Would you like the dog to sit? Would you like the dog to run to another room? Would you like a dog to run to a bed? Or maybe into a crate? The best solution would depend on you, your dog, and your home.

All of these solutions would be considered DRI. Differential reinforcement of an incompatible behavior. Your dog cannot jump on somebody while sitting or after moving away from the door. For many behavior problems DRI is a very effective solution, since many obedience behaviors that already have a strong history of reinforcement happen to be incompatible with annoying behaviors.

DRI is the tip of the differential reinforcement iceberg, so to speak. There are several types of differential reinforcement and I am sure I will cover them in future posts.

I am not finished with the ABCs or with DRI. Next post I will spend more time on how to effectively implement the alternative behavior and then how to keep it strong.

Here is your Babylon 5 reference. I am sure you were looking forward to it.

ABCs Part 3: What Do You Want? is a post from: Dog Spelled Forward

Dog Spelled Forward Website and Blog

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Speed on the Beach

This little Jack Russell pup was having the best time flying around Larvotto Beach in Monaco a couple of days ago.


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What is the best place to apply topical medications?

Question by Tim43: What is the best place to apply topical medications?
I need to apply topical magnesium and other medications/supplements since they give me a stomach ache when taken orally. So, what is the best place to apply them for maximum absorption – stomach, shoulders, arms, other?

Please let me know. Thanks.
Note – It’s not for the skin.

Best answer:

Answer by Kenneth
Well I’m pretty sure topical is supposed to be for skin. so you need to apply it to the skin in the area you need.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Thanks to the #SuperDogSunday Cheer Team!

As I type this, another great Super Dog Sunday™ is drawing to a close. The photos are in the judges’ hands, over $ 1500 in prizes are waiting to go to their new homes, and, most of all, a new…

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