Q&A: What is the best flea control and tick treatment for dogs?

Question by witchychick: What is the best flea control and tick treatment for dogs?
What is the best flea control and tick treatment for dogs?
We are having a hard time getting rid of fleas, we are doing flea baths and drops BUT still cant get rid of the pesky critters. We are using frontline.

Ive heard of a tablet/capsule that works as a repellent, can anybody shed light on this. What the compound is generic brands etc. Also we are spraying the outside area too but perhaps the product we are using isn’t strong enough. Can anybody suggest the best and most economical way to rid the problem?

Thanks in advance.

Best answer:

Answer by Bozema
Switch to Advantage for awhile. Sometimes the fleas build up a resistance to one of the major flea medications and you need to switch for awhile. You can switch back to Frontline Plus after awhile.

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Billy and Bach

Billy and Bach are litter brothers who live in Menton. They are a Jack Russell X poodle mix – and they look it, don’t they?  I met them in Place aux Herbes this morning.  That’s Bach in the first photo with the blue harness, Billy with the red one.  They are five years old and you see, bright as buttons.  


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Barfy Scorpion Launches TV Network

True American Dog

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How To Remove A Tick

The steps to safely removing a tick start with a pointy tick removal tweezer. Most household tweezers have large, blunt tips in comparison to ticks. This only increases the chances of tearing the tick and spreading possible infections into the bite area. Steps to removing a Tick safely : * Use a pointy tick removal tweezer * Disinfect with rubbing alcohol * Grab tick close to skin and use slow, steady motion to pull tick out * Disinfect again * Consider tick testing for infection
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www.janson.com Beginning with the first occurrences in the village of Lyme, Connecticut in the 70s, to the identification of the virus in the mid 80s, to the unmasking of borreliosis as a true epidemic and the reason behind widespread ailments such as rheumatism, nerve paralysis and heart diseases in the 90s.

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Blogger Opportunity – American Girl, Two Winners

Blogger Opportunity

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Remembering The Recall: A Reading List

As this unpleasant anniversary approaches, a friend suggested I focus on the season as a new beginning – appropriate advice for spring. Kisses will always have a special place in our hearts, and the two cats who joined our family after her death are unique, irreplaceable gifts. Her legacy includes the information I gathered while working with our wonderful vet to prolong her life.
Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats

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What an incredible story! Congratulations on the a…

What an incredible story! Congratulations on the amazing work you've all done, and thanks for doing it. These dogs and those to come will all benefit from it.

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what happens to dogs who cannot get treatment for sarcoptic mange?

Question by Help: what happens to dogs who cannot get treatment for sarcoptic mange?
there was this street dog near my house who had sarcoptic mange..we called an animal shelter a while ago but the dog stoped coming near our home..is it dead or is it still itching..plz answer im very concerned

Best answer:

Answer by A Mom
There is no way of knowing about the mange without a skin scaping by the vet. Hopefully someone picked it up and got it to a vet. Keep an eye out, if you see it call a rescue, it’s what we do. If it is manage and it is not treated, secondary infections will set in. Just get rescues on the alert, so they can react if the dog comes back.

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Dog Food Almost Kills Second Dog

It pays to trust your instincts when it comes to taking care of your dog.

In February a woman from Indiana found her 10 year old dog was lethargic and dehydrated.  She quickly took her to the vet where her condition worsened and she began to have seizures and going into cardiac arrest.  Her Dog, Abbey soon died.She asked the vet if it could be the Pedigree dog food that she had been feeding her dog and the vet said that he didn’t theink it was the cause.  Her Dog Abbey soon died.

Three weeks later she got a new puppy and fed her the same exact food.  The same thing happened to the puppy and she was rushed to the vet.  This time the vet listened when she told him she had fed her the same food and they immediately put her on IV’s and antibiotics.  Fortunately the puppy recovered.

Later she found that the Pedigree dog food she had purchased in February at a discount store because she couldn’t find it any where else had actually been recalled in August the previous year.

She stated “If when they had a recall they just set a little tag out where the food used to sit on the shelf why its not on there I never would have bought this.”

The vet bill for her two dogs came to $ 1400


Dog Food Comparison

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The Dog Food Comparison Blog

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Dog Obedience Training: Train your dog the smart way (Dog Training)

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