Jul 24, healthy dog treats for Akita’s

Can you recommend some healthy dog treats for Akita’s? Answered by Barbara Hi Wanda, My Akita doesn’t care for the typical commercial dog treats. He
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Neck Space Infections

For more information please visit www.rph-rhinology.com.
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after being in a rhino accident i got MRSA and had 2 surgerys luckily saving my leg.

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The Westie and the Bichon

This is a similar photo to the one I put on Monte Carlo Daily Photo today.  This adorable Westie and Bichon are on the terrace of a bar/restaurant in the beautiful medieval village of Eze, which is along the coast between Monaco and Nice. I don’t know the names of the dogs as I didn’t chat to the owners on this occasion.

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Are Rawhide Bones Good For Dogs?

Rawhide bones are natural chew toys that most dogs like to gnaw on. Most vets agree that rawhide bones are good for a dog and have several benefits, but you need to be aware that there are also some health risks.

The rough surfaces of rawhide bones make them an almost irresistible treat for a dog to chew on and your dog can stay busy gnawing away at the bone for hours on end.

Most rawhide bones are good for your dog’s dental health. An added benefit may be that they can help in preventing a dog from chewing on your furniture and shoes.

If you’ve given your dog a rawhide bone or are considering buying one, you should be aware that these bones can also be bad for your dog. Larger pieces of rawhide bones can choke your dog by blocking its respiratory passageway. If your dog breaks off small chunks that can be swallowed, it could result in stomach problems or blockages of the dog’s intestinal tract which often requires surgery to remove.

Some dogs also develop allergic reactions to rawhide bones. Mere contact with the rawhide can irritate the skin of some dogs and requires treatment with medications. Rawhide bones that are sold in grocery stores usually have rough surfaces that can cause fractures of a dog’s teeth, or in severe cases could cause a fracture of the jaw bone. If splinters from the rawhide bone are swallowed without being properly chewed, they can puncture several of a dog’s organs.

If your dog is allergic to beef, don’t buy rawhide bones made from cattle. Instead, try one made from the skin of other animals like pigs.

Rawhide bones can also cause bacterial infections like salmonella because the rawhide that has been used to manufacture the bone may carry bacteria from the pig or cow it was made from. Luckily, most of these types of bacteria do not cause intestinal distress in a dog because the gastric acids in its system neutralizes the bacteria upon reaching the stomach.

Only you can decide if rawhide bones are good for your dog. You might choose to give your dog safer chew toys or treats in place of a rawhide bone. If one of your dog’s favorite pleasures is chewing on one of these bones, just be sure you buy the right sized bone to prevent your dog from choking, fracturing its teeth, or developing an intestinal blockage.

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German Shepherd Pup

German Shepherd cutie



German Shepherd pup cutie! One ear up one ear down, gotta love the cuteness!!

The post German Shepherd Pup appeared first on A Place to Love Dogs.

A Place to Love Dogs

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Dust Mites

Dust mites in your bed. In Montreal, call 514-695-7373. info@x-mite.ca.
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The Importance Of Knowing A Quality Locksmith In Miami

There is absolutely no more aggravating time than locking yourself out of your automobile. It always seems to happen at the most inconvenient possible time and takes what seems like forever to deal with. After unsuccessful attempts to gain access to your car on your own, you may need to call upon a locksmith. Most [...]

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Food Allergies and Wheat Glutens in Food, Treats, Chews,and Pill Pockets

     National Geographic had a short blurb in the latest issue about the increasing incidence of celiac disease in humans. This disease has increased by 400% in the last few years. If case you’re not familiar with the medical term, Celiac disease is the collection of the many medical symptoms of allergies to the glutens present in grains. Celiac disease occurs when a sensitive person eats food made with wheat, barley, or rye. These three grains contain the highest amount of the troublesome indigestible protein. This protein is not broken down into amino acids, so it looks like more like a bacterial or viral invader. As the bigger gluten molecules float down and are absorbed through the bowel wall, the sensitive person’s immune system may attack and cause inflammation, diarrhea, and pain. The gluten allergy may also cause other medical issues as well as painful muscles and joints. Sometimes these medical problems may look like there is another cause when the inflammation is due to the gluten allergy.

When gluten is attacked, the immune army of cells and chemicals inflame the bowel walls, organs, and other tissues. Filtering organs like the liver or the membranes of the joints are commonly affected as they trap the toxic products of the chemical battle. Inflamed tissues hurt and don’t work as well as healthy tissues.  Inflammation and swelling of those tissues cause discomfort and pain. That is how a food ingredient causes medical symptoms.

 What does this have to do with dogs?

Gluten is cheap filler you will find on the label of many commercial foods, prescription diets, biscuits, dental chews, and treats.  Gluten sensitive dogs will react to the gluten by itching, shaking their head, scooting, having diarrhea or blood in the stool( , and having red gooey ears that never seem to clear up. Seizures may even be caused by gluten containing treats or chews. Avoiding these “toxic treats” may help clear up itchy skin, ear infections, anal gland problems, bowel problems, and even seizures.

Purebreds prone to urinary tract issues like infections, crystals, and stones are often sensitive to glutens. If the prescription diet, geared for urinary issues, inflames the skin, ears, bowels, or causes seizures, that isn’t much help!

You have to read the labels of everything that your pet chews on or eats to help with medical issues due to food allergies. Make sure you are not “treating” your pet with gluten filled treats or chews. Gluten filled pill pockets are even sold. Beware of giving your pet a dose of the food ingredient that is making them sick!

  Learn to feed like I do. Slow cooked meat and veggies, hypoallergenic commercial canned food, raw food, and healthy human food.Better ingredients and less allergens may make your dog and cat look and feel better!!

Check out Dog Dish Diet to learn more about better ingredients, obesity, and allergies. Check out Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet to learn how to slow-cook food for your dog and cat. Click on the title you are interested in and read more about them. Email me if you have questions drgreg@dogdishdiet.com


Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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Nice Mite photos

A few nice Mite images I found:

Mites On Ice

Image by Rhys Asplundh
Mites on Ice

Mite infested walls

Image by Cornell Fungi
Walls where I found those red mites. The mites were running like idiots all over the top and sides of these two walls. See the video!

Mite Hockey

Image by mdf3530
Mite hockey that serves as between period entertainment and Chicago Wolves games

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My Favorite Springtime Hats

The Best Springtime Hats // Bubby and Bean
1. Summer Straw Hat in Stripe, J.Crew  //  2. Tikehua Sun Hat, Anthropologie 
Moira Hat, The Hat Shop NYC  //  4. Zig Zag Banded Panama Hat, Free People  
5. Colorblock Straw Sun Hat, Kate Spade  //  6. Fedora with Neon Band, Target
7. Handmade Straw Hat, Rana Hat  //  8. Metallic Striped Floppy in Rose, Piperlime 
Barstow Ribbon Rancher Hat, Anthropologie 

I have a thing for hats.  I’ll fully admit that this is due in part to the fact that they allow me to be lazy with my hair, but it’s more than that.  Throwing on a stylish hat instantly transforms an outfit.  Even if the hat is ultra casual, I still feel a little bit fancy.  For whatever reason, I feel especially inclined to wear hats in the springtime.  I’ve never worn an Easter hat or been to the Kentucky Derby or done anything that would directly cause me to associate hats with this time of year, but I do.  And the hats you see above are some of my favorites right now.

Are you a springtime hat person?  Which is your favorite of this bunch?

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