Adopting The “Worried Dog” From An Animal Shelter

Adopting The “Worried Dog” From An Animal Shelter


When we adopt a dog from an animal shelter, we are also bringing home a personality that may not suite our household. This personality needs to be worked on and carefully trained. For example, many dog’s come out of an animal shelter as a “worrier”. The worried dog is a pup who frets over every loud noise, every strange-looking object, every unfamiliar person or situation.


Dogs who grow up without loving, reassuring families especially during early puppy-hood – are likely to become worriers, so shelters are full  of overly concerned canines. My first adopted dog – named Sebastian – was was one of these: he spent his first few weeks shrinking in terror from all sorts of things, from ballpoint pens to remote controls to men with beards. He still has doubts about vacuum cleaners and exhaust fans, but he’s learned to keep his anxiety in check, and he no longer fears new objects, experiences or people (even bearded ones).


Sebastian just needed to be exposed to as many new things and people as possible and to learn that they weren’t going to hurt him. If your adopted dog is a worrier, the best thing you can do for her is not to shelter her from the things that frighten her. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you should deliberately scare her, but you should make sure that she’s introduced to new objects, noises and acquaintances every day.


If your dog is uncertain, for instance, about your remote control, let her get used to it slowly; show it to her (just put it down or hold it still in front of her; don’t wave it in her face) and pet her. Say “What a brave girl -  this remote control isn’t scary” or something similarly reassuring, and (as with a submissive dog) demonstrate to her that you are happy and confident in the presence of the remote control, so she can be too. You can do the same thing if she gets anxious about a thunderstorm or a plane flying overheard. But if she runs to you for salvation when she’s scared by something, don’t reward her timidity by cuddling and praising her; just be upbeat and try to take her mind off her fear by playing a game or having a training session.


When you introduce her to new people, follow the same procedure as with a submissive dog: Both you and the new person must make the encounter as casual, non-threatening, and cheerful as possible for your pup. Chatter with her, make eye contact with her, pet her, even have the new person slip her a treat if necessary. She’ll learn that you’re not going to put her in situations that will harm her, and gradually she’ll begin to be a bit less on-edge about life in general.


By the way, lots of people who adopt submissive or shy dogs assume that their pups must have been physically abused in the past, and they respond with pity rather than positive training. More often than not, submission and shyness are the result not of direct abuse but of a lack of early education and socialization. If your dog cringes when you reach out to her, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s been hit; more likely, it simply means she didn’t grow up knowing that a hand moving toward her was something to welcome rather than fear. You can change her mind – but with gentle perseverance, not pity.

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The Point of a Prong training collar _ You dog is …

The Point of a Prong training collar _ You dog is a wolf" for all purposes- mother uses her bite at he neck for obedience – the collar crates a natural intinct to prevent pulling and help with other aspects- as opposed to the traditional 'choke' collar which can injure you pet- I have just gotten my second shepard – she is one yr- as oppossed to super young – she has been here 72 hrs and with her prong collar she is walking pretty with one finger on the leash at the heel and i never really had to Pull – just stop sit and walk slow- when she got her her owner could not control her a leash at all – pulling her down with – rubbery leash and buckle collar – choking self – correct breed and use is really great i swear – I learned of these collars in Germany- I was a sceptic until i read up and spoke to some trainer and – it works great for me with my shepards as the naturally are are guardian breed.

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Scratch Pet Land “Escargot Couleurs!”, Video: Qubo Gas

album: “Solo Soli iiiii”, sonig 2000 video: Qubo Gas

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Feeding Your Adolescent Dog

Remember we recently told you about a webinar we attended as part of the Nutro Knowledge Network? We talked with Dr. Jeff Werber about The Nutro Company’s new NATURAL CHOICE® Young Adult…

[[ This is a summary only. Click the title for the full post, photos, videos, giveaways, and more! ]]

DogTipper: Saving $ and Saving Dogs with America’s Pet Economist

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Mungo & Maud Offers Products (and Laughs) for the Pampered Pooch

Mungo & Maud is a U.K. based “dog and cat outfitter” that lives by the notion that “whoever said money can’t buy happiness was clearly not a dog.” With an emphasis on high-quality pet products such as hand-stitched leather collars, wool pet blankets, and miniature dog bags that can easily be mistaken for the latest Prada line, Mungo & Maud ain’t no Petco, that’s for sure.

While most of their items are a little out of our range, that doesn’t mean we can’t do a little Internet browsing and drool over their cozy quilted puffer dog coats, quaintly illustrated ceramic dog bowls, and charming stuffed-robot dog toy. If we had the money, we’d spend it all on our dogs, cause they deserve it!

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Do they make these in human sizes?

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So cute!

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Take us to your cuteness leader.


But what we really love about Mungo & Maud, besides its commitment to stylish high-quality pet products, is its cheeky sense of humor. When it informed us about its pop-up shop at Merci in Paris, we were particularly amused with its display of a fake dog casually lifting his leg on a pile of the postman's offerings, poking fun at the age-old rivalry.

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Someone has a sense of humor!

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What a neat way to display things!

We'd love to be in Paris for Fashion Week, but alas, we cannot go. Maybe someone can send us a postcard. And no, don't let the dog sign it.

Photos courtesy of Mungo & Maud

The Scoop | The Scoop

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Pulse: A New Way to View Dogster on Your Apple or Android Device

Just in case you can’t get enough of the dogcentric news, tips, cuteness, and opinion we have in spades here at Dogster Magazine, here’s one more way to get your fix. Pulse, a free app you can download onto your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, or Android, has recently started featuring headlines from Dogster and Catster. 

We love the elegant way our stories are laid out in this news app. It’s no surprise it was listed among Time‘s Top 50 iPhone Apps last year.

Here’s what we’ll look like on your iPad:

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And on your iPhone:

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Not bad, huh? Download the app (again, it's free!) here.

The Scoop | The Scoop

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Latest Topical News

You can't rush topical humor, even in an election year
There's something funny going on in America: there will be a presidential election in 5 1/2 weeks. A local theater company, 1812 Productions, has launched its annual current-events comedy show based on current events. This time, it's an election special.

Topical Products for Muscle, Joint Pain May Cause Burns: FDA
FRIDAY, Sept. 14 (HealthDay News) — Over-the-counter pain relievers designed to be rubbed into the skin — such as Bengay and Icy Hot — could cause skin injuries in rare cases, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning. If you experience
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5 Ways to Celebrate National Dog Week

Well what do you know, it’s National Dog Week. I know August 26th is National Dog Day, that little factoid is emblazoned in my memory, but I didn’t realize that the fourth week of September is Dog Week and has been for 84 years. In a funny little coincidence, the mother is born on Dog Day and the daughter is born during Dog Week. Clearly this is in our blood. :)

I am so pleased that I will be spending the next two days in the company of animal lovers from around the world at the ACES International Conference in San Diego. I hope I bring back some fantastic stories. And in honor of the occasion, here’s 5 awesome ways you can celebrate this most auspicious of weeks.

1. Teach Your Dog a New Trick

No, it doesn’t have to be THIS fancy. Brody still doesn’t know ‘shake’.

2. Take some toys/blankets/food to your local shelter

They always need them! Happy pups are more adoptable, and giving them appropriate stimulation is a big part of that.

3. Foster a pup in need

This is a great way to help a pet without making the lifelong commitment to taking them into the fold (although many people do!) Many dogs that do poorly in a shelter environment blossom under the one on one advantages of living in a home, and foster parents can proudly know they have helped make a special pet that much more adoptable. Petfinder has a great article about fostering pets.

4. Make your dog a special treat

I made EIGHT special treats yesterday, not because I suddenly felt the need to spend seven hours in the kitchen but because I was filming a series of Pawcurious favorites for Pet World Insider. Brody and Koa reaped the benefits and will for the rest of the week. Bronuts and cupcakes and jerky and turbacons and oh, how they were happy.

Dr. V and Robert Semrow from Pet World Insider whip up a Dog Week Celebration Buffet.

5. Take your dog for a walk.

Isn’t it great that this one simple act is enough for your dog to be happy? But if you want to go extra fancy, you can celebrate National Dog Week and National Rollerskating Week (it’s that too!) at the same time and go rollerjoring. Oh, yeah. Seriously, you need to watch this person fly:

On second thought, helmetless = closed head injury waiting to happen. Maybe canicross would be a better choice.

What’s your favorite way to celebrate canines?

Pawcurious: With Pet Lifestyle Expert and Veterinarian Dr. V.

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Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Review & #Giveaway

Mediflow Waterbase Pillow Review & Giveaway
Brought to you by: The Fibro Frog

I’m so excited to bring you this review and giveaway compliments of Mediflow!  If you’re plagued by any type of neck or shoulder pain, then this is the pillow for YOU!  Mediflow actually refers to the waterbase pillow as a sleep system, rather then “just” a pillow.
The way the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow works, is that under the plump, soft, polyester fill it has a waterbase on the bottom.  The fill in the pillow, has a special finish on it to keep it plump and cloud-like and makes the pillow long-lasting and washable!  The waterbase of the bottom of the pillow, gives your neck continuous support that you can’t get with a traditional pillow.  The great thing is, the user can adjust the amount of water for the unique support that their own body needs. After you get the amount of water adjusted, the system will support your neck and spine while you sleep, even as you’re turning over or switching sides!
Now, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably wondering if trying to fill the pillow is a big hassle or not.  The day my Mediflow Waterbase Pillow arrived I was so excited to try it out that night, but I was also a nervous wreck that I wouldn’t be able to fill it and that I’d make a big mess trying to fill it.  You can see in the photo above, that the pillow comes with a little funnel type thing.  You stand the pillow upright on a chair, insert the funnel, and then poor in the amount of water that you’ve decided to try.  Once you have the water in it, you run your hands down the pillow until you hit the water area, to push excess air out, then insert the cap to seal it shut.  By doing this step, it keeps the pillow from making a “sloshing” sound when you turn over.  If you hear the water, then you don’t have all of the air out of it!  That’s it!  Super easy!  I studied the water chart and measured out the amount of water I thought I’d need, and then tried the pillow.  It felt amazing to me, but I still needed just a bit more support.  I just added a little bit more, and it was perfect!
You don’t have to take my word for it though, nor do you have to just take Mediflow’s word.  John Hopkins Hospital conducted a neck pain and quality of sleep study, and the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow ranked the best out of all pillows tested!  The Mediflow pillow helped to reduce pain patients felt upon waking, it increased their pain relief, and it also improved their quality of sleep!  As a person who suffers from a severe case of Fibromyalgia, I can attest how hard it is to get quality sleep when you do sleep.  Insomnia is a horrible beast of Fibromyalgia that plagues me.  It’s also been proven that people with Fibromyalgia never get into a good sleep cycle.  In my honest opinion this pillow is worth it’s weight in gold!  I’ll never ever own another pillow again.  After just one night of sleeping on the Mediflow Waterbase Pillow, I knew that they’d convinced me!  Therefore, I’m excited to bring a giveaway to you all, so that you’ll have a chance to win your own Mediflow Waterbase Pillow!
Giveaway will run from 12:01am September 27, 2012 – 11:59pm October 11, 2012.  Giveaway open to US residents.  This blog is not responsible for shipping the prize.  Prize will be shipped directly from Mediflow.  Winner will be listed on the Raffle Copter form when contest ends, and I will email the winner.  Winner will then have 48 hours to respond to me with their shipping info, or a new winner will be selected.
*I did not receive any cash compensation for hosting this review and giveaway, but I did receive one of the pillows to try out, and give my honest opinion of.  All opinions expressed are my own without any influence from Mediflow.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



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Vomiting and Diarrhea is Often Due to New Food or Treat

Everyday a client brings a pet into the clinic for stomach or bowel trouble. The cause of  vomiting and diarrhea can be due to a virus, giardia, coccidia, bacteria, or new food  or treat. If the vomiting or diarrhea is severe and your pet looks ill,they may need a veterinary exam and tests to treat serious illnesses like parvo,pancreatitis, or obstructions. For example if your pet has a soft stool and is happy, some practical home remedies may work just fine. However if  your pet is ill and resembles a brown rainbird when it goes potty, a vet visit is in order. 

Puppies are especially prone to infections with parvovirus, giardia, and coccidia. A fresh stool sample will often help diagnose the infection. Puppies also chew anything and everything. A piece of a toy, plastic, foil, fabric, plant, cat poop, or something dead can upset the bowel or give a pup food poisoning (infection with bacteria). An unvaccinated puppy may suddenly become sick with a parvovirus infection and suffer from vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Puppies with suspected parvovirus infection should be checked out. A positive parvo test on  a swab of the poop means the puppy may need fluids under the skin and oral medication to take home or IV fluids and medications in the hospital. Puppies with mild symptoms may improve with over the counter pepcid, oral fluids like gator-aid , and chicken baby food many times daily. (Dosages in Dr Greg’s 11 Practical Home Remedies to the right of this blog or on

Mild diarrhea in dogs may respond to a 12-24 hour fast, then small amounts of white rice and chicken baby food(75/25) or just baby food alone over a day or two. You can also add a pinch  of ground pumpkin seeds, half a tsp of non-spiced canned pumpkin, or a yogurt with probiotic to help the gut. Remember to feed smaller  amounts 3 times per day to let the inflamed gut adjust to food again. After a couple days, you can reintroduce your dog to its normal diet.

Diarrhea in kittens can be due to giardia, coccidia, or food that didin’t agree with them. Fresh poop may show an infection or a recent change of food may be the culprit. Some cats are so sensitive to changes in food and will have occasional to constant bouts of vomiting  or diarrhea. It may be helpful to switch to  a canned or dry diet free of grains or  a canned food for those with a touchy stomach or bowel. Remember that cats are carnivores and that our commercial diets are filled with grains and processing chemicals that may wreak havoc with the stomach and bowels of some sensitive cats. I have switched my cats to canned food, raw or cooked meat, and home cooked food. In fact I write about better choices for feeding cats in my new eBook “Feed Your Pet to Avoid the Vet.” If your cat has chronic diarrhea problems, try feeding a limited ingredient canned food or just cooked chicken for a week. If the diarrhea improves, y0u know that poultry is a good choice. If chicken doesn’t work try a few days of shrimp or tuna. These types of  trials are called elimination diets to find out which ingredients are the best for your pet!

Many dogs suffer from allergies to grains or other ingredients in their food or treats. Wheat, corn, or beef are common allergens that can cause itchy skin, ear infections, anal gland pain and swelling, hotspots, and even seizures. ”Dog Dish Diet” is a book I wrote about helping dog owners decide the best type of food to feed their dogs. .

Both books are about easy, practical, ways to feed your dog and “Feed Your Pet” has important advice for the cat owner. I have been a vet for thirty years and now realize that if owners fed differently, 20-30% of medical problems would disappear. My advice may help your dog or cat recover from health problems or avoid future ones.

Download the free PDF, “11 Practical Home Remedies ” to the right of this blog or at for other tips to treat minor medical problems.


Dr. Greg’s Dog Dish Diet

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