123*365: Using a Wide Angle Lens

On this evening’s walk, we took Irie and Tiki to the creek for a quick dip in the quickly-diminishing swimming hole. I especially liked this shot because it catches Irie in a little patch of…

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Question by Pink: Ticks?…..?
I had a tick on me….well, I am guessing it was a tick….I shaved it off because I couldnt pull it off. Now, it is still itching and red and I see two red dots where it was. What is this? What can I do now? It itches bad. I’ve heard to burn ticks out…but it was just attached….if it was even a tick. Please, any thoughts.
I meant two black dots, not red. Guessing pinchers????

Best answer:

Answer by *petlover*
You may want to see a doctor.
Shaving it off?
Not a good idea!

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What to feed a dog with bladder crystals?

I was working out with my trainer this morning. He has two adorable little Springer spaniels, young rescue dogs. One had crystals in his urine and was put on a special pet food. Justin was feeding them Canidae, I had given him a bag of Life’s Abundance and I keep him in dog treats, but the little dog had a bladder problem (not related to the food) so the vet put him on Science Diet C/D.

Knowing that I’m a holistic pet person and animal rescuer, asked me what he should put his little guy on. He definitely wanted a better food because the little dog is not gaining weight as well as his brother.

I was cautious about putting him on Life’s Abundance because in my experience with cats, UTI’s can be deadly so you have to give them prescription diets. But I gave him a 3.3 lb sample bag that I had in my car just to get him off the Beneful and told him I’d do some homework.

I’m so happy to say that, as long as the dog doesn’t have a chronic UTI problem or kidney stones, he can be on our food! Crystals don’t lead to kidney stones in dogs the way they do in cats. And they’re apparently quite common. It’s all about making sure you DO treat any infection that is present.

I am not a veterinarian so you should always run these ideas by your vet.

Here is my homework:

From JustAnswer.pet — answered by a real vet

The main thing I see on the UA is the pH is high.

So now that I have some history…I will give you “my opinion” on this

Struvite crystals in a dogs urine…in the absence
of a UTI, don’t mean anything
…and don’t lead to anything. Acutally the crystals
can form in urine as it cools. In any case, you can take the urine from 100 dogs with out UTIs and maybe 40% have crystals…doesn’t mean anything. I do not agree that C/D is the correct food at this time.

Unfortunately, lots of vets treat these like they do cats, but the formula for cats, like acidifying urine and special foods…are not the treatment of choice.

Now, if this dog becomes chronic with UTIs, and struvite crystals progress calculi…then problems…but it will not be because she has crystals now…the issue
relies on the infections.

A premium food that is balanced is fine. Some of my clients will occasionally use cranberry pills…but the urine acidity is not as important in dogs as cats, but it can help alittle.

Here are some great natural tips to help your dog avoid crystals:

Once a diagnosis has been obtained from your veterinarian and treatment has been
implemented, it is important to adhere to these tips:

Keep fresh water available for the dog at all times, and encourage consumption of water. Keeping the kidneys and bladders flushed is of paramount importance to help prevent crystals and stone formation. Water consumption is very, very important!

Try and feed moist diets, such as fresh food diets, broths, canned diets and extra
water added to foods served.

Do not keep the dog confined, but allow access for urination at all times or as frequently as possible. Holding the urine causes concentrations that encourage crystal and stone formation.

Distilled water may be helpful in averting some cases of stone and crystal formation and check your own water supply for minerals if possible, especially if you have
hard water in your area.

Giving a B vitamin supplement may be helpful and has been indicated in use for humans with these problems. http://www.doctoryourself.com/kidney.html (good site for human stone problems)

There is also some question that high calcium, rather than causing stones,
may help dissolve them. This is also true of vitamin C. (See above link)

Source: http://www.b-naturals.com/newsletter/bladder-stones-crystals/

A day in the life of a HealthyPetNet Rep

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Discover The Simple Secrets To Raising A Perfect Dog

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Happy Halloween!

Wishing everyone a happy Halloween from the Dinosaur Farm!

(This was our one and only pumpkin from our garden this year!)

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Question by T2theL: INfection?
I had a ingrown toe nail that I messed with turned to a hangnail slash mutilated cuticle. I think it is infected, Ie red inflamed, and swollen all the way to my big toe knuckle. Just wondering if antibiotic oint will cure an infection in the works

Best answer:

Answer by Lindsey
Go to a podatrist and have him/her take care of it. It sounds pretty nasty right now to deal with it yourself.

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Anti-Cellulite Shorts?? What’s next?

As I was walking through the livingroom today, the Dr. Oz Show was on the television and I heard them mention anti-cellulite shorts. So, I just had to stop and figure out what in the heck they were talking about. So after I figured out what they were talking about I had to use good ole Swagbucks to search for what they were talking about and here is what it is.
Product Details:
Bio Ceramic Anti Cellulite shorts - LARGE – Proven effective for reducing the appearance of cellulite by reflecting your body’s own FAR infrared rays which help to break down cellulite cells and revitalize tissue. This improves the effectiveness of anti-cellulite cream by forcing it deep into the skin and cellulite. Bio Ceramic shorts also increase heat and molecular stimulation which enhances the effectiveness of exercise, increases blood flow, and accelerates metabolism to burn more calories.
They are constructed of 1mm neoprene with soft nylon/lycra lining. Soft elastic waistband and contoured to fit snuggly. Washable.
Now, I may be wrong but wouldn’t your legs look a bit funny with the cellulite only gone half way down your leg??

Image and information was obtained from www.drugstore.com.



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Fun At The Beach


He had a little fun at the beach don’t you think?

A Place to Love Dogs

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Question by Running Away Into You: Flea?
Who likes Flea, if so check these riffs out





not sure if some dude posted some like these a few months back?
i am going to add a MQ since i have never done one before….

MQ: Favourite RHCP song
oh yeah the first video is some dude who plays it extremely well since i could not find a short version of it
Alligator Hater – LMAO

Best answer:

Answer by Alligator Hater
Flea is kewel.

Here’s a video of him playing Soulja Boy :O


MQ: “Behind The Sun” or “Purple Stain”

What do you think? Answer below!

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Merry Christmas from the Dinosaur Farm!

What better gift is there to receive from our chickens than their first eggs being laid on Christmas Day?

It appears that Squish is laying the first eggs. They are a bit smaller right now than store bought eggs, but they will get bigger. They are greenish in color and it really does feel like we are hunting for Easter eggs in our yard!

The chickens like to lay their eggs in the early morning, so most of the time the eggs are found in the nest inside their coop when we let them out in the morning. I have also found a spot behind the greenhouse and compost bin that she seems to like laying her eggs in too.

The eggs tasted fantastic and we made those first two eggs our Christmas brunch. What about Squirt, you ask?  She has been searching around the yard and making little nests everywhere, trying to find a spot to do her own egg laying. I know she will start egg laying very soon. :) Check out the eggs!

The first egg!

The eggs keep coming!

See the size compared to a store bought egg

Fresh eggs have these nice dark yolks.


I also realized it has been a while since I have posted recent photos of the girls, themselves. What a terrible mother I am! I hope everyone is having an egg-ceptional holiday season! ;)

Squish digging for grubs

Wet chicken!!!

Love their feathers

Shaking like a dog! Gotta get the dirt off ;)





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