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Feb 25, What’s Your Doggy Worth?

Dog food manufacturers have acknowledged the priceless bonding between you and your pet. In their advertisements they confirm your pet is not a property like your TV or your car. No, you have a real relationship with your furry pal and it deserves the healthiest dog food. Then when your dog dies after eating it, it suddenly returns to being just property and you get the animal’s market value plus the veterinary bills recovered. Is that fair?

Animal rights lawyers and pet owners now argue these laws are outdated and fail to consider the position of pets being companion animals in today’s society. The growing legal recognition of pet’s value is in the spotlight because of the dog food recall affecting over 100 brands in the USA. Animal rights advocates aim to upgrade the legal status of pets to somewhere between property and humans.
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No Scabies!

A few nice scabies images I found:

No Scabies!

Image by kwc
If you happen to know where one can acquire this sticker, let me know… Is this the start of the scabies tag?

Cassava plants infected with nematodes and scabies

Image by IITA Image Library
Technician evaluating cassava plants infected with nematodes and scabies in cassava field.


Image by Micah & Erin

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Life Lately // In Snapshots

Pics from top:  1. winter skies are pretty, but it’s time to make way for spring  // 2. celebrating love // 3. another fantastic target clearance find // 4. girlfriends and taco dates ftw  // 5. my favorite baby boy crawled for the first time at auntie melissa’s house last week! // 6. brand new thank you card sets in the shop // 7. reading about yerba mate in the bookstore cafe // 8. we made vegan buffalo cauliflower bites and they were amazing // 9. pretty fantastic package i received from on friday  // 10. found this gem from 2006; my sis and i hanging sidestage while my boyfriend (now husband) worked  // 11. a record a day keeps the doctor (& winter blues) away // 12. love that my dad saves me copies of fashion week articles from his new york times // 13. robbie brought me back my all-time favorite food (chura momos) from my all-time favorite restaurant (little tibet in bloomington, in) // 14. drying my valentine flowers

How was your weekend?  Despite that fact that it was Oscars weekend (watching the Oscars has been one of my absolute favorite things to do since I was a little girl!), truthfully, this weekend was pretty crap-tastic.  I really don’t like to make the blog an outlet for trivial complaints.  We all have problems, and an inspiration blog isn’t the place to vent them.  That said, I have to say it – this weekend was just plain sucky.  Robbie finally got a break after the band’s 5-week winter tour last week, but after just a few days at home, he got a call on Saturday evening that his sweet grandmother wasn’t doing well.  So he left immediately and drove through the night to go be with her.  I’m hoping to meet him out there over the next day or so, so that we can spend some time with her before he leaves to go back on the road – but the winter storm that’s supposed to come through may force him to head home early.  My grandmother has also not been well over the last few weeks, and although they have both lived long and absolutely incredible lives, this is a difficult time.  In fact, this month has been difficult in general – lots of loss, lots of stress, lots of time away from my husband, lots of curve balls, lots of winter blahs. There is always a bright side though, and February’s complete lack of awesomeness has made me even more excited for March.  Yay spring!  Springtime always makes everything better, doesn’t it?

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W o w. Best headine I've seen in a coon's…

W o w. Best headine I've seen in a coon's age. And the story. Sweet Mary Mother of Pearl. The backstory and all the work you guys do – a m a z i n g. Kudos just doesn't get it. You guys hop. Big time.

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Thanks for the tip Crowdfundamentals. We'll ch…

Thanks for the tip Crowdfundamentals. We'll check those links out. To the mighty pits!

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i need to find a good and safe way to rid head lice. is there anyting i can do besides using pesticides?

Question by crts_krn: i need to find a good and safe way to rid head lice. is there anyting i can do besides using pesticides?
i know using a pesticide is not safe, others say mayo,vinegar,and other home remedies doesn’t work. is there anyone out there that has tried something and it worked and got rid of the head lice and didn’t have to spend alot of money on buying stuff, something simple and effective.

Best answer:

Answer by Selena=]
get special shampoo from ur doc.

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The Dog of the Highlands: West Highland White Terrier

At around 1700s, the Isle of Skye and other highlands in Scotland were already producing lots of small terriers. Scottish breeds were separated into two: the Skye terriers and the Dandie Dinmont terriers.

The Dandie Dinmonts were categorized as a separate breed. The Skyes included the Scotties, the Cairns and the West highland white terriers or the Westies.

It was also noted that these terriers were the hybrids among the crossed Cairns, Scottish, and Dandies terriers. One could assume that the hybrid would really be loyal and its hunting instincts could not be belittled. In fact, many royalties in Scotland owned terriers that were very similar to the Westies of today.

Another remarkable story is about a Westie that stopped a mother from constantly yelling at her daughter. Every time the mother would yell at her teenage daughter, the Westie would attack the mother. The aggression of the dog got worse over the years that resulted in the mother’s complete inability to scold her teenager.

It turned out that the girl was actually rewarding the dog for his protection by calming and soothing him down after every “threat” from her mother. Many would perceive that the daughter was able to help her mother to change her ways when in fact she was helping herself by rewarding the dog for its behavior.

The following are some of the basic facts breeders would really love to know about Westies:

Category: Terrier
Living Environment: indoors (highly recommended); outdoors (fenced yard)

Coat: about two-inch coarse and wiry outer coat and soft, dense, and furry undercoat
Color: white

Height: between 10 and 12 inches

Weight: between 13 and 22 pounds



•    they like to bark and dig
•    they are not as willful like most terriers
•    they love companionship

When properly trained

•    they can become fairly friendly towards strangers
•    they develop close affinity with behaved children
•    they love to chase cats but they do not hurt them
•    they can become a very good watch dog
•    they can become very lively

Breeders should note of the following health issues:

•         Chronic skin problems
•       Perthe’s disease (hip problems)
•       Jawbone calcification
•       Cranio mandibular osteopathy (lion jaw)
•       Patella luxation, a disorder in the kneecap
•       Liver ailments
•       Deafness
•       Congenital heart disease

Care and Exercise:

•    Their coat should be brushed regularly using a brush with stiff bristles.
•    They should bathe only when necessary.
•    Their whole coat should be stripped at least twice a year and trimmed every four months.
•    The fur on the eyes and ears should be trimmed using blunt-nose mirrors.
•    They will surely be more agile and healthy after regular sessions of play and/or walk.


As noted, they share the same lineage with Cairns and Scotties (from Skye terriers), and even with the Dandies. This trio was developed in the Isle of Skye, which was one of the highlands in Scotland. It was noted that white whelps were chosen from the wiry-coated Cairns, Scotties, and Dandies to produce the variety that were known as Poltalloch terriers.

Following are some items in the history that show the Westies’ reputation of being owners’ favorite companion dogs.

Records in the history mentioned that around 1620, King James 1 of England requested some small white dogs from Argyleshire in Scotland. Colonel Malcolm, who was considered as the originator of Poltalloch terriers, that are very similar to the Westies of today, accidentally shot his terrier (a dark one). From then on he vowed to have only white terriers.

In the 19th century, terriers that were very similar to the Westies were known as Roseneath terriers in honor of Duke of Argyll’s interest and patronage of this breed. Roseneath was the name of his estate at Dumbartonshire. 

In the first-ever dog show that were organized in the late 1800s, the Westies were called as White Scottish terriers. In 1904, they were classified under the name West Highland White terriers.

During the mid-1900s, breeders of the Cairns in Argyll, Scotland selected white puppies from the stock and interbreed some to obtain white Cairns. However, in 1917, the American Kennel Club ruled that Cairns could be listed if they have the Westies’ lineage.
We can say the history repeats itself for this delightful terrier is now mostly a favorite companion dog of many households.

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Horse Recycles Complete Leg Magazine Collection

True American Dog

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What are the risks from topical steroid cream for Phimosis?

Question by bjboytj: What are the risks from topical steroid cream for Phimosis?
I was wonder what, if any, the risks are from using a topical cream to take care of phimosis. Or if it works at all. And if it does I was wondering if anyone knew if it was less painful than pulling the foreskin down, which I find is really hard to keep doing.

Best answer:

Answer by Kisses it better ♥
Has the cream been prescribed for this specific reason? If so then I would assume the doctor who prescribed it would know that it was safe. Topical steriods are safe if used at the correct dosage but I can’t see how a steriod cream will help with this problem?

If you are having problems then maybe you need to think about circumcision?

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