So glad that everything worked out…!

So glad that everything worked out…!

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Necessary evil?

Some cool Flea Topical images:

Necessary evil?
Flea Topical

Image by This Year’s Love
I gave Judah Heartgard every single month on the same date for about two years before realizing how insane that was. I thought I was doing what was best for her. In reality, I was loading her body up with toxins–on top of Frontline for about four/five months out of the year, vaccinations, and Pedigree (!?!) kibble.
Is Heartgard necessary? Sometimes, yes. But it’s still a poison and should be treated with care.
So far this summer it hadn’t been hot enough, long enough for mosquitoes to worry me about heartworm. Then we had torrential rains, disastrous storms, followed now by heat and no more rain–so the mosquitoes have risen up in a terrifying swarm. They’re everywhere in the house. The dogs eat outside and go outside several times a day.
I didn’t treat them for fleas, ticks, or heartworm this year. No fleas, no ticks (two on Judah’s ear after a wilderness walk, but she got them regardless of prevention a couple years ago) and no worms.
I had the Heartgard anyway, leftover.
I’ve debated what to do. The mosquitoes are as bad as fleas were a year ago–I’m talking the woman I babysat for last year had them everywhere in her house, I heard horror stories at the vet’s office, there were signs about it, and even my sister’s cats (indoor!) got fleas (from other cats, which were also indoor cats).
But finally tonight I knew that if there was ever a real chance for them to get heartworm, it’s right now. So I gave Israel and Judah each a chewable tablet. It’ll last for at least 45 days–long enough for the first frost, I’m sure.
Already they’re a step ahead of many other dogs. The raw diet, no topical treatments for the little nasties, and few treats that aren’t meat or corn/wheat/etc free.
They’re healthy weights, they get exercise, and they’re otherwise very healthy.
So I would rather give in now and only administer this crap when I know for sure there’s a good chance of them getting heartworm (maybe!) than do it all the time "just because".

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In Memory Of…

As today is the one year anniversary of the pet food recalls, this is an open thread for anyone and everyone to speak their mind, share their thoughts, express their loss or simply encourage and support each other.

Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats

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Fun With K-9 Nose Work

Muneca Playing Nose WorkOne of the many things that has kept me from blogging here regularly is Nose Work.

Nose Work looks deceptively easy: we start out hiding treats in boxes, move on to other items, and eventually transition from food to distinct odors. But while there is a devil in those details, what I enjoy most is that it is 99% improvisation. There are very few “wrong” things to do, I can’t think of any problems that can’t be fixed by simply taking a few steps back, and it’s really hard to not have fun while you are doing it. I’ve even taken to calling it “playing nose work” rather than “practicing” or “training.”

Here are a few videos from classes in both Maywood and Jersey City. A few videos have some “comments” added where I had the time.

First, here’s Harley’s first time ever. Harley is a recently-rescued dog that can be fearful at times, and often has problems dealing with the background barking and growling at the day care. In just 45 minutes of playing around, she gained some focused and was reluctant to leave the boxes to go home.

In Maywood I have a class with some more seasoned dogs.

Muneca is a rock star, and a great example of how much fun it is to watch a dog that is really having fun:

After a few classes, Muneca is starting to “indicate” that she has found the “hide,” rather than just diving in right away.

Remy is a lot of fun to watch:

He is all nose. It’s a wonder he doesn’t walk into walls is so focused on odor.

Jetta has so much drive, she tends to outrun her nose:

This is a great “problem” to have. In other words, it’s not a problem and the dog will sort it out soon enough.

K-9 Nose Work is the most fun you can have with your fur on. Give it a try! I have nose work classes starting in Maywood, Jersey City and NYC next month. If you don’t live around here, check out the nose work association web site and find a trainer near you.

Fun With K-9 Nose Work is a post from: Dog Spelled Forward

Dog Spelled Forward Website and Blog

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Dog Exercise: How much dog exercise does your pet need?

Dog Exercise: How much dog exercise does your pet need?


The amount of dog exercise that is needed for your dog depends on several factors.   One important factor to consider is his type of breed.  Dog exercise also depends on his energy level and his personality.


Your dog’s breed has an effect on his need for proper dog exercise.  Examples of breeds that require plenty of dog exercise are hunting dogs, herding dogs, and sled dogs.  These breed of dogs have high energy levels and were developed for tireless activity.


Obviously, if your dog has a high level of energy, then he would need plenty of dog exercise.  On the other hand, if your dog has a low level of energy and would rather relax and sleep on the couch, then he apparently does not need a lot of dog exercise.


An older dog would need less exercise than a younger dog.  Another factor to consider in recognizing how much dog exercise your pet needs is whether he is the only pet in the house or if there is another dog or cat that he can exercise and play with.


The amount of dog exercise does not depend on the size of your dog.  Small dogs do not necessarily need less exercise than large dogs.   Some large dogs and especially some of the giant breed do not require much dog exercise.


In fact, many of the large and giant breeds would rather just be relaxed and still in one corner while a toy Chihuahua and many other small breeds can be a rocket on four legs just waiting to attack, thus require more dog exercise.  While a Mastiff may only need a short walk around the neighborhood, give a Jack Russell Terrier three miles of dog exercise and he would still want to keep going.


Just as humans need regular exercise to maintain a healthy physical and mental state of well being, frequent dog exercise is vital in order for your dogs to stay happy and healthy.  And like humans, dogs get the most health as well as mental benefits from dog exercise only if it is done extensively, not just a quick run to the park.


Also, if you notice your dog panting during his dog exercise, do not mistake this in thinking that he is tired and that it is time to stop the dog exercise.  Dogs pant as a way of cooling themselves, much like when we sweat.  A panting dog does not mean that he is out of breath and gasping for air.


The content of this article is provided for informational purposes only. You should always consult your veterinarian with concerns about the care of your pet or for medical advice.

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More on flea and tick preventives

More on flea and tick preventives
Permethrin is a commonly used ingredient in over-the-counter flea and tick products. It is highly toxic to cats, but much less so in dogs. The review of available scientific data by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cites three relevant studies.
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Bed bugs, fleas found at Pottsville Free Public Library
Bed bugs and fleas have been found at the Pottsville Free Public Library. Library Director Nancy Smink said Wednesday that an exterminator from Laudeman Termite and Pest Control, Minersville, was doing routine maintenance at the library and discovered
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State office building reopens today after weekend "flea dip"
He said the roughly 1,500 workers based in the L&I Building were also advised to be diligent in their comings and goings and in flea prevention at home to help make sure the building stays flea-free for the rest of the summer. No other buildings in the
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Hungry Fish Reluctantly Shares Doritos With Friendly Lab [VIDEO]

Dog And Fish Charm Each Other Into FriendshipWhat do you think is really going on here?

We've seen dogs make some unusual friends: tigers, otters, and ducks, but a fish?  Watch this cheeky carp and labrador's blossoming friendship – they swim together, kiss each other, and they even share their Dorito's with each other.

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In fact, something tells me that this well-fed Carp just might be mistaking this gentle yellow lab's nose for a crunchy Dorito. YKWIM?

What do you think is going on here? What's next? Friendship bracelets?

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The Daily Treat: Animal Planet

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Awesome!!!! What a wonderful, positivie message to…

Awesome!!!! What a wonderful, positivie message to come out of that whole Vick mess. Take that Michael Vick!!!!

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Worst Case Of Fleas

This is not the worst case of fleas I’ve seen on a dog but it is close. These people needed help with their flea problem so they turned to a professional.

Some household items that can be used to get rid of fleas include hand soap, water and lemons. Use homemade supplies to get rid of fleas with tips from a pet industry specialist in this free video on fleas and pest control. Expert: Cordell Jacques Bio: Cordell Jacques has worked in the pet industry for more than 10 years. Filmmaker: Travis Waack
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Bella’s Handmade Luxury Princess Dog Bed W/ Canopy, Princess

Bella's Handmade Luxury Princess Dog Bed w/ Canopy, Princess

Canopy pet beds give your pet privacy and a feeling of security that only a safe “den” can provide. Sturdy frame. All the covers are removeable and washable.

Bella’s Handmade Luxury Princess Dog Bed w/ Canopy, Princess Pink – Large

Source: Bella’s Handmade Luxury Princess Dog Bed W/ Canopy, Princess

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