Why have I just found three fleas in my bed? I have no pets and wash my sheets every week?

Question by catrox@btopenworld.com: Why have I just found three fleas in my bed? I have no pets and wash my sheets every week?
Fleas, human bites,why? where .how they start?

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11 Responses to Why have I just found three fleas in my bed? I have no pets and wash my sheets every week?

  1. ruthiecrue2 says:

    Do you know for sure they are fleas? Maybe you visited somewhere that was infested with fleas and you brought them home.
    Fleas usually stick with animals. They don’t prefer humans.

  2. WindowLicker says:

    maybe they came in on clothes (yours or a guest’s)

  3. laugh_out_loud says:

    perhaps your boyfriend/husband is a dog. some men tend to be dogs!! other than that, i couldn’t tell you, unless they were on your clothes or something.

  4. someone says:

    if you go in the woods or near bushes they can jump into ur hair

  5. markski037 says:

    my dog brings fleas home all the time so to get them off of me i shaved my head bold LoL

  6. wishorstish says:

    You probably picked them up from someones dog or cat. Fleas live outdoors maybe you picked them up outside. They only want a warm body.

  7. Darby says:

    Well, wash your sheets again and tumble your blankets, spread and pillows (not all at one time) in the dryer for about 40 minutes. Vacuum the rug and mattress. The fleas need a host to suck blood from in order to live. I don’t know what’s going on if you don’t have pets.

  8. wonderbug says:

    Also go get a flea and tick spray that is safe to spray on pets and furniture. Spray it all over and around your bed. Let it sit a few hours. (Safety sake, spray all cloth furniture in your house you’ve been on.)

    Also do what the other person said about drying your blankets to kill any critters. Do your pillows too.

  9. Ernie says:

    When you have tall weeds growing in your yard these pests get into your house in your furniture and everywhere. I don’t know if you have tall grass but if you do this is why you may have them fleas.They are real bad in the summer months.

  10. bzbee says:

    While fleas usually ride into your home on a pet…they will just as easily catch a ride on a person. Either from outdoors or if you’ve recently visited a friends house that has pets with fleas they could have hitched a ride home with you on your clothes.

  11. omajust says:

    Another source– friends with animals or a rental with fleas infesting the carpet– if no animal now– they hitch on anyone– Once stayed in a motel that allowed a pet in the room– really bad with fleas.
    good luck, it isn’t impossible to rid yourself of the critters.

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