Can Skin Contact Cause Anaphylaxis?

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Image by Nottingham Vet School
A can of Hill’s d/d venison formula for dogs. For the nutritional management of dogs with any skin condition and vomiting/diarrhoea due to allergy.

Can Skin Contact Cause Anaphylaxis?
Q: My daughter, who's 7 years old, has dairy and other allergies and asthma, and has had one anaphylactic reaction. Then last fall, she broke out in big welts on her arms where another child's milk spilled on her. (She did not get wheezing.) Is it
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Cosmetic Products Linked To Skin Allergy 'Epidemic'
A preservative commonly used in cosmetic products could be the cause of an "epidemic" of skin allergies, dermatologists have warned. The preservative methylisothiazolinone (MI) is used in a wide range of beauty products including shampoos, moisturisers
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Hair Removal Can Cause Allergies and Irritation: Dermatologist
But this method can also have certain drawbacks such as infection of hair follicles or allergies related to skin. Waxing can also cause darkening of the skin in rare cases, but according to her skin there is no link between the shedding of dead skin
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