DJ MAMA scratch DUET w Truly OdD Greyboy french bulldog hip hop

DJ MAMA scratching back and forth, question and answer style. the song playing is DJ GREYBOY ‘Mustangs Groove” from his album ERA CORRECT on Soundlock Recording…buy it here!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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24 Responses to DJ MAMA scratch DUET w Truly OdD Greyboy french bulldog hip hop

  1. anesrrr says:


  2. britebuttonz says:

    My French Bulldog had no rhythm!

  3. Peewzkie016 says:

    hahahaha ! cool !

  4. dohoangson1997 says:

    FAKE !!!

  5. ppw00 says:

    Well …

    … you’ve certainly lived up to your name.

  6. 87Kiwiboi says:

    much cooler than keyboard cat :) 

  7. skaffaboy11 says:


  8. REDisALL says:

    Want to see te entire disc before believing to this. A part of the disc is out of the camera frame and another guy can be hiding there and running the disc.

  9. dwizl7213 says:

    are you kidding me…jerk off. The intention wuznt to get ppl to actually believe the dog was scratching. It’s just entertaining. You cracked the case Mr. CSI…smh

  10. PINAD111 says:

    Polacy to przejmują xD

  11. franksinop says:

    I like it… Why can’t this dog be most watched instead of that ugly reply girl skank

  12. nikolanicic says:

    This video is totally not fake. You can see the dogs muscle actually pumping up when he moves the vinyl. Further more, camera couldn’t get both turntables in the show with the dog and the owner because of the aspect ratio of the video 16:9.


  13. cralleic says:


  14. cralleic says:


  15. blanypantera says:

    trebuie sa fii nebun sa crezi ca un catel face asta… asta si mana sub labuta catelului sa creeze iluzia optica :) ):)):))

  16. HighlyIsnae999 says:

    I see what you did there

  17. ismailit1 says:

    fake ad gay!

  18. kamoko32 says:


  19. GoodGamingENT says:


  20. Djadub says:

    Even if it is fake, its still a good idea and looks dope. Hiphop dogs are the best kind of

  21. NOVCAN says:

    camera man doing it he is not showing all the mixer or whatever it called

  22. SBARTSTV says:


  23. chern1172 says:

    agree with u “its an entertaining video.”
    but he is a troll, i mean look at his name.
    RelentlessCriticism LOL

  24. spinhouse1978 says:

    french style !

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