12 Cute Non-Maternity Dresses That Also Work for Pregnancy

12 Stylish Non-Maternity Dresses That Also Work for Pregnancy, via Bubby and Bean
1. Pink City Dress, Free People  //  2. Textured Stripe Swing Dress, Loft  // 3. Amaya Dress, Anthropologie  //  4. Crochet Bell-Sleeve Frock Dress, Ecote //  5. Swingout Shirtdress, Madewell  // 6. Striped Maxi Tank Dress, J.Crew  //  7. Printed Dress, Zara  //  8. Striped Dress, H&M  //  9. Organic Chunky Cowl Kaftan Dress, Gaia Conceptions  // 10. Hungarian Dress, Tree of Life  //  11. Striped Shift Dress, Gap //  12. Gypsiana Maxi Dress, Spell Designs

Little did I know while pregnant with Essley in the summer 2013 that I’d be back in pregnancy clothing just two summers later. I say ‘pregnancy clothing’ rather than maternity because I only had two actual maternity items last time (a pair of jeans and a striped top that I rarely wore), and I’m fairly confident that the same will hold true this time around. Clothing labeled ‘maternity’ is expensive man, and for me, I found that regular clothing items in larger sizes and/or more generous cuts were generally more flattering anyway. I lived in oversized tunics and leggings last time, and although I’ve worn my fair share of this combo already this time too (it turns out that what they say about showing earlier after your first is 100% true, y’all), I’ve been aching for some pieces that are different from this uniform of mine – mainly some cute dresses. I’ve also been playing around with new ways to wear the dresses that I already own to work for my growing bump (and growing butt, and growing boobs). After doing some digging online for inspiration, I realized that there are a lot of really lovely dresses that would work just as well for us pregnant ladies as for those who aren’t pregnant. The dresses you see above are some of my favorites. #3 (the Amaya Dress) is majorly calling my name – and it’s a piece that I could wear well beyond pregnancy. Win-win.


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