Taking A Break (‘Cause We Need a Little Sunshine)

It’s vacation day! We’re Arizona bound, and boy am I ready for a holiday. While I admittedly miss those pre-kid days of nonstop travel and regular opportunities to explore the world, I can honestly say that I appreciate the handful of smaller trips we now get to take each year more than those constant trips of years past, simply because they are so much fewer and, therefore, feel more precious.

We usually keep the blog active when we travel with prescheduled and/or contributor posts, but I’ve made the decision to take a break for the remainder of this week and just focus on hanging out in the much needed sunshine with my family (check out Essley chilling poolside on last year’s Arizona trip; I call it her ‘album cover’ shot). You can still follow along with our adventures on Instagram, both in our photos and on our IG stories, and we’ll be back next Monday with a seriously excellent giveaway. In the meantime, enjoy your week! And try to take a break for yourself too, okay?


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