How to Train My Dog (never Worked with Her As a Puppy She is Almost 3 Now?)?

I never really worked with my dog on training and she is almost three. She knows the sit command and she is basically potty trained (she occasionally goes in the house if we are not home for a while or if we don't take her out really early in the morning, we use pee pads and she knows that she should go on those, although sometimes she goes other places) She is a maltese-poodle-schnauzer mix, she is a very quite dog generally, but we had a chihuahua first in the house who barks like crazy and has kind of taught her little sister to do the same. I think she would be good around other dogs if it weren't for the chihuahua who goes nuts when she sees another dog. When we put her in the kennel they have her play in a small dog play group and they say she does great. I think that is because she is in a controlled setting and feels safe, when she meets another dog on the street I think she is a little intimidated (plus the chihuahua going crazy doesn't help) But I notice when I take her for walks on her own she is pretty good around other dogs, she barks maybe twice and then is fine. As opposed to when she is with her sister she goes nuts. She also has very bad anxiety, she gets scared very easily. I once found her hiding in a dark bathroom because there was a big fly in the house. She was shaking and obviously very anxious. She also gets traumatized every time she gets groomed or goes to the vet.

So to get to my questions:
*What basic training should I do with my dog? (Basic commands she should know?)
*How to get her to be ok around other dogs?
*How to get her to be quiet (or only bark a few times) when someone comes to the door or she sees another dog.
*Any tips on how to help her with her anxiety?
*How to get her better potty trained? (Teach her to go to the door when she has to go. She pees and poops in the house occasionally and I would like that to stop completely)
*Any other tips or websites or tricks to help me with training?

I think a training class is out of the question, at least right now until she is not so fearful around other dogs. (I can't really afford private training right now either)

Thank you!


Here are some great tips for training your dog.

Source: How to Train My Dog (never Worked with Her As a Puppy She is Almost 3 Now?)?

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