How to Easily Potty Train a Maltese Dog.?

Hey everyone I was just hoping someone could help me potty train my Maltese dog. Please help it's really important I don't want to loose my dog. My parents might give her away. Thank you.


In your case, the breed is not the determining factor in terms of how to train your dog. In other words, there are a few guiding principles to use with all dogs.

Proper socialization – this includes knowing how to behave around people and other animals, as well as where it is acceptable to do his business and where it is not acceptable.

Establish a schedule – take the dog out for a walk at the same time every day, during which he will do his business. In time he will associate the time and the walk with when he will be going to the bathroom. You must be consistent with this. Keep this daily routine to avoid confusing the dog and staying on course with your training.

Establish clearly what is and what is not acceptable behavior – reward proper behavior and discourage improper behavior. Reward the proper behavior with an award – this could be in the form of a dog treat or something else the dog really enjoys (it could include playing a game with him, etc). Make sure that you praise the dog when he does his business as he should and in the right place.

When the dog engages in behavior that you don’t want him doing, discourage him by withholding the treat or whatever it is you give him when he does something right.

Teach him proper etiquette for indoor living – without this he will definitely continue soiling your home. Setting rules so that he knows what is and what is not appropriate will go a long way in achieving your goal.

When addressing the dog, remain calm, poised and positive. Use an authoritative voice, but do not become harsh. Also, make an effort to teach him the “sit” and “stay” commands.

The first two weeks of puppy training will be the most difficult, but if you persist and remain consistent in your efforts, you will soon have a well behaved dog in your home.

Best of luck!

Source: How to Easily Potty Train a Maltese Dog.?

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