Emergency notification service helps pet sitters and pet owners plan for emergency

When someone hires a pet sitter, they expect that pet sitter will arrive as scheduled to care for their pets. They want to leave town knowing that each and every scheduled visit to their home will take place as scheduled – no matter what. A missed visit could mean accidents in the house, chewed up property due to boredom, and even death of the pet.

As we all know though, accidents do happen and that can mean service may be disrupted, at least temporarily. That’s why it’s crucial for owners of pet sitting businesses to have a pet sitter emergency plan set up so someone else can take over at a moment’s notice. It’s your responsibility to ensure your clients’ pets will be taken care of even if something drastic happens to you.

Before the emergency plan can be activated though, someone needs to know there is an emergency. A lot of people, including myself, carry a card with their driver’s license that lists who to call in an emergency. This is an excellent idea, but depending on the circumstances, your contacts may not be called immediately. The emergency personnel, hospital staff, or others may simply be too busy or the person they’re calling may not answer. And even though they may get in touch with one person, there may be other people who need to be notified as well. There’s actually a new service that makes it very easy for emergency personnel to make sure the message gets to everyone who needs to know, with just one phone call.

My Notification Service

A company called My Notification Service will contact up to 9 people if you’re in an emergency situation. When you register for the service, you’ll provide contact information for people you want to be notified if something happens. You’ll get an emergency card that you can keep with you and stickers to put on your driver’s license, key FOB, cell phone, or other items you normally keep with you. When emergency personnel find your card or driver’s license they just need to make one phone call to My Notification Service. And because My Notification Service operators answer 24 hours a day, someone will get the message right away. Once they do, they will call, email, or text your backup pet sitter, family, friends, and other people listed in your account.

I set my account up a couple weeks ago, and although I hope nobody ever needs to call on my behalf, it gives me peace of mind knowing it’s in place. I know that my family will be contacted immediately and my dogs, Archie and Lydia, will be taken care of as well.

My Notification Service is an excellent service for anyone. You don’t have to be a pet sitter, and you don’t have to have pets. If you’re a pet sitter though, be sure to add your backup person to your contacts. This person should know where to find your current schedule, keys, etc. so they can take over for you and ensure your clients’ pets are cared for. And whether you’re a pet sitter or not add your pet sitter to your list of contacts so your pets will be cared for appropriately. You’ll want to include contacts such as:

  • Your spouse
  • Family members
  • Pet Sitter (to care for your own pets)
  • Backup pet sitter (if you are a pet sitter)
  • Your children’s school
  • Your Employer
  • Your doctor

How to Register for My Notification Service

My Notification Service has individual and family plans. Family plans include up to 6 people (they don’t all have to be family though). They’re offering a 30% discount through PetsitUSA, on all individual or family plans. Register here or use the promo code petsitusa.

If you’re a member of PetsitUSA, My Notification Service is offering a 65% discount on individual or family plans. For more information login to your PetsitUSA account and go to Member Area/Member Offers to buy it for yourself and become an affiliate to sell the program to your clients.

Disclosure: PetsitUSA is an affiliate for My Notification services. As I said above though, this is a service I believe in and have an account for myself.


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