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Confession: I debated on and off for several hours (okay, days) whether or not this post should make it to the blog.  This is because, as you can see, the quality of the photographs is borderline atrocious.  I quickly snapped these shots in the evening before meeting a friend for a glass of wine, via my tripod, inside my house, with way too little light, blah blah blah.  If you’re rolling your eyes right now, I totally get it.  It’s an outfit post, Melissa.  It’s not a post on the state of the world or philosophy or spirituality or anything even slightly profound.  But these shots came out all sorts of grainy and out of focus and I look a little like a feature-less alien.  And I just felt like if you can’t really see the details of the images in a style post, then what’s the point?  Needless to say, I decided to stop obsessing and post the damn thing, because I really like the outfit.  And hey, we’re all friends here.  (P.S. At least I’m not whining about my dreamy gaze posing this time, right?)

I originally bought this dress to wear in Mexico back in January, and although I did wear it for a couple of hours for dinner there one evening, it was just a little too dressy for a lazy beach vacation.  I assumed it would be hiding in my closet until summertime, so I was pretty excited when the weather turned unseasonably warm last week and I was able to wear it this weekend.  When I saw this dress in the store, I just about died over the print.  It’s tiny black polka dots scattered among little black vintage-looking umbrellas, which is basically the cutest thing ever.  The cut is great too, and the fabric drapes really nicely, so I snatched it right up.  (Which doesn’t often happen when I’m browsing Forever 21.  I try to avoid buying there, but that’s a whole different post.)   I was also thrilled to finally get to wear these shoes, which have been hibernating for the winter.  I bought them last summer but only had the chance to wear them twice before the cold arrived.  They are the most amazing shade of blue-green and have the coolest floral print on the wedges.  I plan to wear them much more often this spring.

I wanted the shoes to pop a little so I went with my old standbys (earthy eggplant colored tights), threw on some faux leather hoop earrings I made a few years ago, along with a muted brown belt and bracelet.  I mentioned my infatuation with adding pops of bright color to outfits in my last style post, and I think it was the yellow cocktail ring and coral clutch that made this look complete for me. I adore this clutch.  Anne from Sir Tom let me pick it out and sent it all the way from my beloved Australia.  It’s organic cotton and the color is just brilliant.  My favorite part, though, is the subtle poppy on the front, which was hand screen printed on to the fabric.  Love.

Dress: Forever 21  //  Belt and bracelet: thrifted  //  Tights: Target  //  Earrings: made them
Shoes: Born Concept //  Ring: c/o Kendra Scott Jewelry  //  Clutch: c/o Sir Tom

There’s definitely a lot going on in this look, but one of my favorite trends this season is combining patterns and colors that you normally wouldn’t see together.  I also think it would look really cute dressed down with a denim jacket and bare legs.  All I know is that if I style it like that in the future and decide to feature it again, I’ll be taking better pictures.  Mark my words.

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